Code Names of Xiaomi Smartphones

Most users are used to recognizing phones by their official names. And now, when searching for new firmware or reading the information from the developer, they are perplexed: there is some unknown inscription. How to recognize the code names of Xiaomi smartphones, what are they, and how do they differ? Let’s talk about this.

What is the code name of the smartphone?

The code name is the device’s original name, which the company gives. Usually, they are created at the development stage and kept secret. But often, interesting rumors pop up online, containing this very name and supposed characteristics.

So why do they even give the phone a code name? First, of course, it’s the right classification. But not only that. Also, such a name is relevant when creating new firmware and plays an important role in TWRP Recovery.

Be extremely careful, and if there is any additional trouble – necessarily contact a specialist, otherwise it is fraught with the risk of “bricking”.

Let’s take the Redmi Note 4 as an example. There are two versions: the classic on the Snapdragon processor and the simplified, in a sense, on MTK. So how do we distinguish them? Exactly by the code names.

How to find out the code name of your Xiaomi phone

Quite a common question: do I need to know the codename of my device? If you do not have the good technical knowledge and do not perform operations at the system level – you will not need the original nickname of the device. However, you will be interested to know the second name of your model.

Do you like to experiment with firmware? Are you constantly customizing your smartphone with rooted rights? Do you want to unlock the bootloader? Then a code name is just what you need.

Usually, the nickname is not indicated on the packaging or in the official documentation with the phone. But there are several ways to determine the codename.

Method 1: via Internet news

Check the latest news if you’re interested in a mobile device that came out recently and is not yet listed in the manufacturer’s released device database.

Usually, sources specializing in Xiaomi products quickly spread information about the novelty. Yes, it may not correspond to reality, being a leak of implausible information. But it is the name that often coincides with reality.

Method 2: through the official list of Xiaomi devices

The third option is to look at our table, which lists all the smartphone models, and next to their codename numbers.

Mi lineup

Mi 2/2S Aries
Mi 2A Taurus
Mi 3 Pisces
Mi 4 Cancro
Mi 4i Ferrari
Mi 4c Libra
Mi 4s Aqua
Mi 5/5 Pro Gemini
Mi 5c Song
Mi 5s Capricorn
Mi 5s Plus Natrium
Mi 5X Tiffany
Mi 6 Sagit
Mi 6X Wayne
Mi 8 Dipper
Mi 8 SE Sirius
Mi 8 EE Ursa
Mi 8 Pro Equuleus
Mi 8 Lite Platina
Mi 9 Cepheus
Mi 9 Transparent Edition Cepheus
Mi 9 SE Grus
Mi 9T DavinciGlobal
Mi 9T Pro RaphaelGlobal
Mi 9 Pro 5G Crux
Mi 10 Lite 5G No info.
Mi 10 5G umi
Mi 10 Pro 5G cmi
Mi Play Lotus
Mi CC9 Pyxis
Mi CC9e Laurus
Mi CC9 Meitu Edition Vela
Mi CC9 Pro Tucana

Mi Mix line

Mi Mix Lithum
Mi Mix 2 Chiron
Mi Mix2S Polaris
Mi Mix 3 Perseus
Mi Mix 3 5G Andromeda

Mi Max line

Mi Max Hydrogen
Mi Max Pro Helium
Mi Max 2 Oxygen
Mi Max 3 Nitrogen

Mi Note line

Mi Note Virgo
Mi Note Pro Leo
Mi Note 2 Scorpio
Mi Note 3 Jason
Mi Note 10 Tucana

Redmi line

Redmi 1 HM2013023
Redmi 1s Armani
Redmi 2 HM2014811
Redmi 3/3 Pro Ido
Redmi 3S/3 X Land
Redmi Pro Omega
Redmi 4A Rolex
Redmi 4 Prada
Redmi 4 Prime Markw
Redmi 4X Santoni
Redmi 5 Rosy
Redmi 5A Riva
Redmi 5 Plus Vince
Redmi 6 Cereus
Redmi 6A Cactus
Redmi 6 Pro Sakura
Redmi S2/Y2 Ysl
Redmi 7 Onclite
Redmi 7A Pine
Redmi Y3 Onc
Redmi Go Tiare
Redmi K20 Davinci
Redmi K20 Pro Raphael
Redmi K30 phoenix
Redmi K30 5G picasso
Redmi K30 Pro Imi
Redmi 8A Olivelite
Redmi 8 Olive

Redmi Note line

Redmi Note 1 lcsh92_wet_jb9
Redmi Note 1S Gucci
Redmi Note 2 Hermes
Redmi Note 3 MTK Hennesey
Redmi Note 3 Snap Kenzo
Redmi Note 3 SE Kate
Redmi Note 4 MTK Nikel
Redmi Note 4 Snap Mido
Redmi Note 5A Ugglite
Redmi Note 5A Prime Ugg
Redmi Note 5/5 Pro Whyred
Redmi Note 6 Pro Tulip
Redmi Note 7 Lavender
Redmi Note 7 Pro Violet
Redmi Note 8 Ginkgo
Redmi Note 8 Pro Begonia
Redmi Note 8T Willow
Redmi Note 9 Pro (Redmi Note 9S) curtana
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max No information.

Android One (pure Android) lineup

Mi A1 Tissot
Mi A2 Jasmine
Mi A2 Lite Daisy
Mi A3 Laurus_sprout
Mi A3 Lite No info

Poco and Black Shark line

Poco X2 phoenixin
Pocophone F1 Beryllium
Black Shark 3 Pro blackshark SHARK MBU-AO
Black Shark 3 blackshark SHARK KLE-AO
Black Shark 2 Pro Blackshark DLT-A0
Black Shark 2 Blackshark SKW-A0
Black Shark Helo Nile
Black Shark Blackshark SKR-A0

Mi Pad Tablets

Mi Pad Mocha
Mi Rad 2 Latte
Mi Pad 3 Capu
Mi Pad 4/4 Plus Clover

Method 3: by Fastboot firmware version

And the last validated option to find out the correct codename of the phone Xiaomi is the archive name for flashing via Fastboot (also, you can find out directly from the link that leads to the download of the archive).

Example of firmware for Mi 9 SE Global Stable:

Firmware example for Mi 8 Lite Global Stable:

Here we have learned all the code names of Xiaomi phones and tablets. As you can see, it’s not hard to find them. If you have further questions, contact us in the comments.

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