Camera2 API

The Camera2 API (Google Camera) is a so-called driver which is an intermediary between the camera module itself (as well as the processor) and the application used to create photos and record videos. With the help of such an add-on, you can take photos in RAW, shoot videos with high bitrate, and get detailed information about the obtained image.

The Camera2 API fully unlocks the camera’s capabilities, usually limited to system software. As practice shows, some smartphone manufacturers do not bother much with optimizing and tuning the standard Camera app. Because of this, the quality of photos can be incomplete and slightly degraded.

Note that on some phones, the API is already activated by default. To check this, let’s use the application Manual Camera Compatibility. It can be downloaded from Play Market without any problems. Open the program and click “Start”. This will check for API support. Everything works if all checkboxes are green, but Camera2 API is not yet available if they are red. But don’t worry if the test is negative. You can always install Google Camera on your smartphone and use all the camera features.

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