TestPoints are small pins that are located on the smartphone’s motherboard. With their help, you can make various changes to the software mechanically. For example, to flash the smartphone in cases where it is impossible to do this through standard means.

Suppose that the device stopped responding to commands due to an unfortunate action. To put it simply, the phone turned into a “brick”. In this case, the smartphone is not detected by the computer and does not turn on or charge. It would seem impossible to return the former workability of the device. But no, after closing certain points, the device can be started.

Depending on the phone model, the contacts are located in different places. It is better to clarify information specific to your model on the Internet. In all cases, you will have to remove the back cover to access the motherboard. You will also need access to a computer and a metal clip. In general, a detailed description of flashing via TestPoint can be found in this article.

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