How to Change Font on Your Xiaomi Phone (MIUI)

The MIUI shell is perfectly optimized in terms of design and performance. Users can choose from a huge number of different themes and wallpapers. And today, let’s find out how to change the font on your Xiaomi phone using the system function and third-party apps.

System font – what is it, and where to find it?

On Xiaomi and Redmi phones, one font supports Cyrillic and Latin. The standard font is clear and easy to read. In some places, there are bold and italics. The text may vary slightly in specific applications.

MIUI 12 and higher uses the Roboto style. Letters look voluminous and wide, and subheadings are large and prominent. The indentation between lines has also been increased. On MIUI 11, all the lettering is smaller.

Full-fledged customization of the system font appeared in MIUI 12. Previous versions lack this feature.

Changing the text size in MIUI 13

The font size is set as default, but you can make it smaller or larger. To do this in MIUI 13:

  1. Go to “Settings” and open the “Screen” item.
  2. Scroll down the page to the “System font” section. We want the “Text Size” tab.
  3. At the bottom, choose a setting from the smallest XS to the largest XXL. An example of the text will pop up right away. Note that the XXL only works in phonebooks, messages, and calls.

We do not recommend increasing the font too much because then the information on the screen is not fully displayed.

Changing the font and zoom in MIUI 13

In MIUI 12, the item is called “Font size and thickness“. In addition to the size, you can use the slider to adjust the thickness of the letters.

You can also change the scaling of the image so that it fits the size of the letters.

  1. Open “Advanced Settings” – “Special Features”.
  2. Click on the item “Scale of the image on the screen”. Specify XS, S, or L. Click on the checkbox in the upper right corner and confirm the action.

Top 5 Fonts for MIUI

Let’s look at the best fonts for the MIUI.

Font name Download link
Linux Biolinum Download
TT Blushes Download
Avenir Download
Cartoon Download
Pixel Circle Download

On Xiaomi, these fonts are displayed correctly. The main thing is to install them correctly. Detailed instructions will be in the next paragraph.

How to put a new font on a Xiaomi smartphone

Several methods allow you to change the font on Xiaomi. All methods are simple and work without root rights. You only need to download the option you like and install it.

Standard application “Themes”

The fastest procedure does not involve downloading materials from third-party sources. On MIUI 13, there is no item in the “Themes” app where you can download new fonts. The section appears when you switch the country to India. To do this, go to “Advanced Settings”, and in the “Region” section, specify “India”.

On MIUI 13, the font in the “Themes” is not hidden, it is located at the top of the app in the center. You need to select the style you like, download it and apply it. The changes will take effect immediately.

Open the “Themes” and pay attention to the bottom edge. There will be a square with the letter T. Click on the style you like and click on the green “Free” button. This will start downloading the font for Xiaomi. When the file is downloaded, click “Apply”.

A message will pop up saying that the installation requires rebooting the smartphone. We agree. After powering on, check to see if the letter style has changed. At any time, you can return to the normal font.

If you don’t want to change the region, go straight to “Themes” and enter moby in the search engine. You’ll see a tab at the bottom of the page. Click on “More” to see all of the styles. Download and install the file, as in the above method.

Any custom font

Fonts for Xiaomi are freely available on various internet sites. Give preference only to reliable sources, such as technology forums. Consider, for example, downloading from XDA and further installation.

In current versions of MIUI, it is forbidden to import themes from third-party sources. Therefore, you’ll have to use a special Theme Editor application for MIUI.

  1. Download liked fonts from external resources.
  2. Read descriptions and see screenshots.
  3. Be sure to remove the extension “zip”. It should only be the name and format mtz.
  4. Move the file to any folder on the internal drive of your smartphone.
  5. Download Theme Editor for MIUI from Google Play and install it.
  6. Go to the application, give all the requested permissions, and click “Browse”. Specify the path to the mtz file.
  7. Click on the big orange “Start” button – “Next”. Do not change the file name and subject path. Click “Finish”.
  8. Confirm that you want to install the new theme. A notification should appear that the installation was successful, and the theme can be applied in the manager.
  9. Now open the company application, go to the profile, and click “Themes”. Click on the file labeled “Apply me” and apply. Reboot the mobile device.
  10. Check whether the new font is displayed on Xiaomi. The text changes even in third-party apps.

Designer status

The designer status allows you to experiment with the system’s design without restrictions. You can install any theme, wallpaper, widgets, or fonts from various sources without special applications. To become a designer, submit an official application.

  1. Go to the MIUI Theme Design Station website and select the global branch.
  2. Sign in with your Mi-account username and password.
  3. Add your phone number and email address to your account if you haven’t done so.
  4. Upload a form that fits your requirements (individual/corporate theme submission, etc.). Provide personal information and attach a photo.
  5. Send your application to [email protected]. A decision will come within 1-3 days. In case of a positive answer, you can put any font instead of the system font on Xiaomi.

How to return the old MIUI font

You need to put the stock theme back to get the old font back. Open “Profile” – “Themes” in the application with the same name. Click on the system theme and select “Apply”. Agree to reboot the smartphone.

You can immediately open the tab with the same name and reset the default font. On MIUI 11, the Indian region must be set for this purpose.

Third-party apps for working with fonts

Let’s look at the programs that will help you change the font on your Xiaomi phone. All applications are freely available on Google Play.


The full functionality of the utility is available only for rooted devices. iFont offers a ready-made set of styles downloaded through the app. You can also install custom files. Another great feature is changing the font color on Xiaomi.


Similar software, only with reduced functionality. The application has ready-made options, but most are in Latin script. Root rights are not required. It is impossible to edit the style (choose the thickness, height, and color) and make your font.

Big Font

The program allows you to increase the size of the text up to a maximum value: of 100%, 120%, 140%, 160%, 180%, and 200%. Big Font will appeal to people with bad eyesight who are unhappy with the system’s zoom function. The app works without Super User mode. For the changes to apply, you must restart the phone. Some characters and letters may not be displayed correctly.

Now you know how to change text styles on Xiaomi. You can return the default font with a few clicks, so don’t be afraid to experiment. If there are still questions – we’ll help in the comments.

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