How to Connect Your Xiaomi Phone to TV

Modern smartphones have a lot of useful features, a good camera, and high-resolution photos and videos, but still, sometimes you need, for example, to transfer the image to the big screen. Therefore, users wonder how to connect the Xiaomi phone to the TV, what it takes, and how to carry out this operation properly.

What gives the connection to the TV

The first and most important thing is the ability to view multimedia files on the big screen. This includes various series, movies, clips, presentations, and videos taken on the phone. Brightness and contrast depending on the TV, but if the file initially has a high resolution, the image will have no problems.

If you have a Smart TV, it is possible to work with text documents, SMS, music, programs.

In short, all the extensive information on the small smartphone screen with the connection “increases” many times, which is ideal, for example, for a large family.

What you need to connect

The list will list the different components with which you can make a connection to the TV.

  • USB cable.
  • HDMI cable + adapter from phone USB to HDMI.
  • SmartTV + Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Google Cast;
  • Android TV portable set-top box;
  • Other adapters.

Are you not satisfied with the wireless connection for some reason? Then you should pay attention to the right choice of cords. The standard, effective, and easy way to connect to your TV is with HDMI. These connectors exist on almost all televisions. You’ll need to buy an adapter from MicroUSB (+ Type C) to HDMI for your phone.

A simpler method involves only a USB cable, for which connectors are on almost all modern TVs, even without the smart TV function. But the functionality is rather weak. The only access to the materials stored in the memory of the device appears while it is impossible to duplicate images.

Do not want to choose a suitable wire for a long time. Moreover, the TV is usual and does not support modern options. Then a special Chromecast flash drive, released by Google, is a great solution.

Advantages of Chromecast:

  • Wireless streaming to your TV through your smartphone;
  • Adding media features;
  • Access to YouTube and the Google Chrome browser.

You can’t do without a Wi-Fi network, either. There’s even a popular way to connect wirelessly, Wi-Fi Direct, which you can read about in detail below. This should also include special software “over the air”. That’s all; we have considered a basic set necessary for synchronizing TV and smartphone.

How to connect a Xiaomi smartphone to the TV

Below we will look at 8 simple ways to connect a Xiaomi smartphone to a TV. Options with an old TV without USB or HDMI, TVs with USB, and new SmartTVs will be touched.


Immediately, you must have an adapter from the regular connector to HDMI. For example, the Mi 12 would be MicroUSB Type C to HDMI.

  1. Put the adapter on and connect the HDMI cable to the phone and the TV.
  2. Next, open the TV settings with the remote, and select “Broadcast over HDMI”. That’s it.
  3. If everything was done correctly and there are no possible problems, the image is duplicated on the big screen, and the sound is. Quality should not suffer. With proper connection, there is no interference, distortion, blurred colors, or outlines.

If there is no picture, the reason is in the smartphone itself. Usually, everything is set automatically, but you may need to edit manually. Looking for the screen icon “Settings”, go in, now open the section “HDMI” – “HDMI Format“. You are prompted to select the refresh rate and picture resolution. Choose the parameters that correspond to the TV because if the options are too high, the playback will not work properly.


The procedure steps are the same in the beginning, but it is much easier. There is no need to set up duplicates, as there are no duplicates. The user can only view music, files, and pictures. Similar to the connection before the computer. But this method significantly limits the possibility of viewing files.

TVs with a USB output that supports external drives (without SmartTV function) recognize Xiaomi smartphones as normal flash drives and let you open various files, but others do not see the phone and, at best, charge them.

Wi-Fi Direct (Smart TV only)

This is the most common, popular, and easy wireless connection requiring a Wi-Fi-Network. There is a disadvantage: this option only works on Smart TVs.

Check if your TV and smartphone are connected to the same router; if so, here we go.

  1. Open the smartphone settings, and look for the section “Wireless networks” and the item “Additional functions”.
  2. Now we click on the item “Wi-Fi Direct” or “Wireless Display“.
  3. Activate the Wi-Fi display function.
  4. On TV, turn on the appropriate option and find your smartphone
  5. A connection is made between the devices.
  6. The broadcast begins. Done.

There is a separate article on the site about connecting to TV through the “Broadcast” function.


This is one of the fastest and most convenient ways. You activate wireless sharing on two devices and easily transfer content to the big screen.

But unfortunately, not all televisions have a built-in Bluetooth module. You can buy a special Bluetooth adapter, which connects to the TV via USB and provides high-quality images on the TV.

Google Cast

An innovative solution from Google allows you to transfer photos, videos, and music to different devices without wires. Again, you may need an adapter if you don’t have the Android TV feature.

Once you buy a Chromecast, you connect it to your TV through the HDMI jack and log in to the same Wi-Fi network with your phone. This way, you can have high-resolution video streaming on the big screen.

Smart TV Box

Another great add-on that turns your regular TV into a modern Smart TV. Users can choose from many set-top boxes with different functionality, purpose, and cost. We recommend taking a closer look at the branded Mi Smart TV Box (international version only).


A popular wireless connection is identical to a standard USB without a flash drive, wires, and third-party cables. There is no video duplication from the phone screen, but there is a great opportunity to view images, music, and documents.

Requirements: two devices in one common Wi-Fi network and the special software BubbleUPnP, which you can easily download on Google Play.


Wireless connection was developed by the popular company Intel, a branch of Wireless Display (WiDi). Almost all modern televisions support this standard.

Requirements: version on your smartphone Android 4.2 or higher. Disadvantages: noticeable broadcast delays, sometimes the quality is distorted.

How to use your smartphone as a TV remote control

For Xiaomi owners, the Mi Remote Controller app will be an ideal solution. You can download and install this application from Google Play, but in some models, it is initially in the list of system applications.

The program will only work if the phone has an infrared port. If not, it is possible to build a service center. Mi Remote works on air conditioners, DVD players, and similar equipment. For details, please read our article on setting up the IR port on your phone.


Does Wi-Fi Direct work on Android One?

Yes, this lineup perfectly supports wireless connectivity.

Does Mi Remote work on personal computers?

Unfortunately, the standard Mi Remote does not have this feature.

Broadcast is constantly interrupted by bad signal

Perhaps the problem is the TV/smartphone malfunction, and only a wizard can help. But we recommend checking first if the connectors are not dirty and if the cord works properly if we are talking about a wired connection.

As you can see, transmitting information to the TV screen is simple, fast, and convenient. An experienced user and a novice with no special technical knowledge and skills can cope with it. The most important thing is to follow the instructions clearly, carefully consider each step of the procedure, and not be afraid to ask for help in case of problems.

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