How to Install MIUI Themes

Xiaomi phones have great features and an affordable price, but another important advantage is the appearance. A stylish case, and attractive screen wallpaper – only half the battle because the standard theme on the smartphone quickly gets boring. Xiaomi decided to attract users with a unique proprietary MIUI, which has many themes for settings. Therefore, many users are wondering how to install themes for MIUI quickly and where to find them.

Built-in themes

Usually, the device has 2 factory themes, one of which the user currently has. Changing them is quite easy.

  1. Find the “Settings” shortcut.
  2. Next: “Personal” – “Themes”.
  3. This brings you to a separate window with several tabs. There is an item called “Built-in” on the left or at the top. It may also be called “Downloaded”, in rare cases – “Installed”.
  4. Once you click, you will see a list of these themes. Click “Install” on any theme you like. If there is no such button, then “Activate”.
  5. Done. Return to the main screen and see how the phone has been transformed.

How to install MIUI themes from the store

There are several options here:

  1. Do the operation described above. That is, go to “Settings” again. There you can see some themes ready to download or go directly to the store.
  2. Many launchers have a special application called “Themes”. It provides a huge selection of different designs for smartphones.
  3. A long “tap” on an empty screen area on the desktop, and in the menu that appears, click “Appearance”.

The following steps are the same for the three methods. It opens an extensive list of topics that can be sorted by topic, novelty, relevance, etc.

You can view both paid and free themes. A special virtual currency, Mi-Credits, is required to purchase paid ones. It is calculated in dollars.

But the free ones are installed in a couple of clicks. At the bottom, as a rule, we see a “Download free” icon. After downloading, installation, and activation, proceed, just like in the case of built-in themes.

Do not forget about Google Playas well. With the search bar, you can find a lot of interesting downloadable loungers. They are downloaded in the same way as the standard applications. There are also quite original themes.

For example, give your Xiaomi phone the look of Apple – a matter of minutes. Install such solutions also in the “Personal Settings”.

Installing third-party themes on MIUI 13

Here the procedure is already longer and more complicated, but there is nothing special and unusual to do, so let’s get started. First of all, you need to choose specific themes that are suitable for your type of firmware.

It is not recommended, for example, for MIUI 12 owners to download themes designed for MIUI 13, as it is possible malfunction of the operating system.

Instructions for installing a third-party theme

  1. Download the theme package, which should end with the “.mtz” extension.
  2. Now open the “Themes” application and click on your profile (the third icon on the bottom right side).
  3. Click on “Themes”. We see images of already saved themes. After scrolling through the entire list, click “Import” at the bottom.
  4. In the window that appears, choose where to download a third-party theme.
  5. Then click “Apply”. It is finished.

What to do if you get an error when downloading the theme

Almost all modern smartphones make errors when a person tries to download third-party material. Now more and more often, we receive messages in our email saying that even when you install a theme from a branded store gives out an error. In this case, you should try to change the network (from Wi-Fi to mobile) or connect via VPN.

If you still can’t install themes, it’s worth resorting to another simple option. Designer status can help you. This status gives some small benefits, which you can read about on the official Xiaomi page (link below).

How to get MIUI designer status

What will it take? All you need to do is submit a request for designer benefits. Here we go.

  1. Go to the official website of MIUI designers.
  2. Click on “Register Now“.
  3. We will be redirected to the login page. You must log in with your Mi-account data using the username and password.
  4. Choose an Individual designer.
  5. This takes us to the registration page, where we have to fill in the fields marked with an asterisk. We enter the most trivial data: first name, last name, etc. You also need to attach a photo. Of course, it is desirable to choose your own (your photo will not be used anywhere except in the Xiaomi photographer system). In no case do not use images of nature, animals, architecture, or flowers, as each request is manually checked.
  6. When everything is ready, click on the big green button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Now we wait. If the result is positive, you will receive an email.


After rebooting the phone back to the default theme, what can I do?

This may be due to the incompatibility of the theme and your device. It sometimes happens. Try to reboot your phone with another theme.

How long does it usually take to request the designer status?

On average 2-3 days, but it can take up to a week. You should not constantly email the moderators, it will only cause a negative attitude toward yourself, and the verification period will not affect you.

Is there an age restriction when receiving the rights of the designer?

No, refusals by age were not noticed.

So, we can see that installing different themes on MIUI is very easy and fast. If you follow the instructions, no problems or malfunctions will not arise, and the Xiaomi phone will please you with a new and interesting look.

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