How to Open Back Cover of Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi products are of high quality and excellent software. But sometimes, the smartphone still malfunctions, and mechanical intervention is necessary. To solve non-serious problems, repair at home is suitable. Therefore, many people are interested in how to open the back cover of the Xiaomi phone and replace the necessary elements, such as the battery.

What will be needed to disassemble the phone

Unfortunately, Xiaomi smartphones, like most other brands, do not have a removable cover. But do not immediately grab a sharp object and pry the panel to unlatch it instantly. Several tools are needed to disassemble the case without scratches or damage carefully. Namely:

  • A special spatula for disassembling smartphones. You can buy it at a hardware store for a small amount. Or it is possible to use an analog as a plastic card.
  • A paper clip for SIM card extraction. It usually comes with a phone. If lost, replace it with an ordinary thin pin or paper clip.
  • Tweezers and a screwdriver. For unscrewing the bolts in the smartphone.
  • New parts. For example, you want to change the screen or glass in the device. These elements should be purchased in advance from a proven seller, paying attention to the quality of the product.

Buy an inexpensive phone repair kit on AliExpress. The amount of just a set will not exceed 10 dollars.

Step-by-step instructions for removing the cover

So, we begin to remove the back cover from the Xiaomi smartphone. The example will be described on the Redmi 4X. The main thing in the operation is to carefully read the instructions, not rush, and not worry. The procedure itself is not particularly difficult.

  1. To begin with, turn off the phone and wait a couple of minutes for all system processes to stop.
  2. Next, take a paper clip, insert it into the hole for the SIM card, and press a little. Remove the tray.
  3. To prevent scratches on the screen, glue a protective film or glass to the display. Alternatively, you can use scotch tape after it’s neatly peeled off.
  4. Put the spatula in the gap of the case. Carefully and slowly move along the perimeter, starting from the bottom corner. If one edge is successfully peeled off and the others are still closed, do not try to jerk the entire panel off. If necessary, you can help with scissors or a suction cup, but do not scratch the case.
  5. When all the latches are open, carefully lift the cover. Any tug can damage the fingerprint scanner ribbon. Therefore, lift the ribbon separately and remove it with tweezers. We set it aside, as well as the back panel. This completes the removal of the cover.

The above process is similar on almost all Xiaomi models. It may only differ slightly depending on the phone. For example, some smartphones have a fingerprint scanner in the screen, so there will be no loop.

How to remove the battery from Xiaomi and replace it

The smartphone’s insides are carefully hidden under the protective panels and circuit blocks. Therefore, alas, one disassembled case is not enough for further action. But do not get upset. Below you will find detailed instructions on removing the battery without damaging the “stuffing” of the device.

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the bottom protective panel. To do this, unscrew and remove the bolts.
  2. Disconnect the battery cable. It is better to heat the battery for quick extraction. Any jet of warm air will do, including an ordinary hair dryer.
  3. Carefully remove the battery, getting rid of any glue residue. Set it aside.
  4. Take the adhesive tapes and place them on the sides, in no case touching the display cable. We proceed to install the new battery. Snap its connector and put it down on the tape. Slightly press the part until it is completely glued.
  5. Please turn on the mobile device to check its performance. If everything starts up and functions normally – start reassembling. That’s it. The battery has been successfully replaced


Broke the scanner cable during disassembly. How do I fix it now?

Unfortunately, there is no way to repair a part that is already broken. To avoid starting the problem even more, go to a good service center, where experienced craftsmen will fix the trouble.

How to secure a new battery?

To do this, use either duct tape or special glue. The first option is preferable, as it holds the battery better, and splashes can not get on the sensor loop, as it happens with liquid glue.

Should I use a suction cup when disassembling the case?

This is optional but a desirable tool. If one spatula is insufficient and all latches do not open – place the suction cup on the case and pull it up slightly. You can purchase this part at any home improvement store.

After a put a new battery, now charge lasts for half a day

Most likely, the reason is the poor quality battery. Buy new parts for your smartphone only from reputable sellers or reliable websites. For prevention, you can take out and put back the battery, fixing it well. If it helps, it means that improper installation was to blame.

Here we have learned about opening the back cover of Xiaomi. There is nothing complicated about it. You need to follow the instructions carefully and take your time. After reading our article, you can repair your smartphone at home without wasting time and money visiting service centers.

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