How to Completely Remove Root Rights on Xiaomi

Super User mode allows you to fine-tune your phone to your needs. You can permanently eliminate annoying ads, overclock the processor, and clean your smartphone of useless system applications. But there are still disadvantages, and many people decide to remove root rights on Xiaomi. Today we will tell you how to do it correctly and without harming the mobile device.

Reasons for removing Root rights

You can read about the benefits of Super User in our separate article. Here we will touch on unpleasant situations requiring immediate root rights removal.

  • The phone began to work unstable. The user who does not have good technical knowledge actions only harms the rooted device. Remove the necessary program and clean the folder with system files – and the smartphone began to hang up and slow down, and in the worst case, it refused to run.
  • Payment programs do not open. Before installing the root, you should know that paying via NFC is no longer possible. Google Pay does not work with other branded applications from banks. However, the same issue is solved by installing Magisk.
  • You want to sell your mobile device. The chances of a successful sale drop significantly if your Xiaomi has undergone major system changes. Some users will find root rights useless, and some will fear possible malware altogether.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty is gone. Sellers always warn that tampering with the “stuffing” of the device (software or mechanical) automatically terminates the warranty. If you want free service in the service center in case of certain problems, do not install root rights until the warranty expires.

Checking for root rights via Root Checker

Before removing root rights on Xiaomi, checking their presence on the device is necessary. To do this, let’s use a handy and simple application called Root Checker.

  1. You can download it from Google Play. Then we install and open the application. Immediately we are given a tab with the disclaimer. Accept the terms of use.
  2. Now click on “Verify Root Status”, which means check the status of the Super User mode. If the program asks for access to root rights, click “Provide”.

The checking process starts, averaging 1 minute. If your phone is rooted, you will see a green text: “Congratulations! This device has Root rights.

Properly removing ROOT rights on your Xiaomi and Redmi phone

Now you can proceed directly to the removal of Super User mode. Below we will describe both easy options for ordinary users and serious ways that only experienced users can handle.

Keep in mind that the instructions are provided for informational purposes. We are not responsible for your actions. Be very careful and watch out!

Through the SuperSu Free app (the easy way)

Are you new to technology and don’t want to perform complicated system operations? Then use the already installed software to deactivate root rights. If you do not have SuperSu on your mobile device, you can download the application from Google Play using the standard method.

  1. Open the application and pay attention to the ” Settings ” tab. Go there.
  2. Now click on “Full Root Removal”.
  3. The program asks for confirmation, notifying you that some processes in the phone will stop working. We agree by clicking “Continue”.
  4. Xiaomi reboots. At the next startup, the root rights will be deactivated.

This option works almost always, but there is still a small chance that Super User will remain. Then resort to the other options below.

Through the file manager (manual deletion)

A good option if you don’t have enough free space on your device for third-party tools. All you need is a file explorer installed by default on almost all Android devices. For example, Cx File Explorer or Root Explorer by Speed Software (paid application).

  1. Open explorer and go to systembin. Search for the file su and delete it.
  2. The same procedure is repeated with the folder xbin. But in the folder app the necessary file will not be called “su” but Superuser.apk.
  3. It remains only to reboot the smartphone and make sure that there is no root. To do this, go back to the Root Checker and repeat the procedure described in the first point.

With Universal Unroot (paid)

Remove root rights on your Xiaomi phone. You can also use special applications. If you are a beginner and do not want to understand the step-by-step processes for a long time, look closely at the Universal Unroot program. This utility is freely available on Google Play. Yes, it is paid, but the price does not exceed 100 rubles.

We go to the application and click ” Unroot ” on the main page. We provide the rights of the Superuser and wait for the end of the procedure. Then we restart the mobile device.

Prefer to remove it through a computer? Then download the Kingo Root program and connect your device via USB. Then follow the prompts on the screen.

Via Magisk

You’re not using the standard SuperSu mode, but software called Magisk? Then the removal will only take a few minutes.

  1. Go into the proprietary Magisk app;
  2. Drop down to the big white “Uninstall” button;
  3. Read the warning that all modules and rights will be completely removed and the encryption activated. At the bottom, look at the three commands: “Uninstall Application”, “Restore”, and “Full Uninstall”. Select the last one. Done.

Via Recovery with

If the phone has the custom recovery installed, you should resort to its help to deactivate the Super User mode. Both TWRP and CWM will do. We will consider the procedure using TWRP recovery as an example.

  1. So, let’s download the special “uninstallSU” archive.
  2. Then bring the smartphone to recovery mode by pressing the power key and volume up button.
  3. You will see a black screen and a tile menu. We see eight items.
  4. Click on the first tab, “Install”.
  5. Specify the path to the previously downloaded archive and reboot your Xiaomi using the command “Reboot. Done.

Reflashing via MiFlash

If none of the above methods have helped, the only remaining option is to flash the device completely, which will delete all the current information, including root rights.

Pay attention! After all the preparations and reflashing, you’ll get to the ” Clean all” section in MiFlash. Thus we’ll get a completely clean mobile device with factory settings.


If I perform a factory reset, will the root right be removed?

Yes, resetting will help, but performing a full wipe via recovery is better.

I don’t want to deactivate Super User, but I need the Android Pay app. How to bypass its blocking?

If you want to use contactless payment on rooted smartphones, install Magisk. This is the best option.

Deleted root rights manually, but they reappear the next time you start the system

This problem may well occur if you only deleted root files via explorer. Try other methods. At the very least, put in new firmware.

Today we told users how to remove root rights on Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones completely. Yes, it’s not an easy procedure, but if you read the instructions carefully and check each point, there will be no problems. We wish you good luck!

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