How to Set Up Google Pay on Xiaomi

Quite a large number of people do not like to pay in cash, and the aid of bank cards is already known to all. But constantly carrying all plastic cards is problematic, and again, progress has pleased with its innovations. Namely, the company Google created the service Google Pay, which allows you to pay in most stores with your smartphone. How to set up Google Pay on Xiaomi which phones support this useful function, and what is required for this?

What is Google Pay: advantages and disadvantages

GPay provides a unique system of contactless payments, with which the user, in a few clicks, can pay for both online purchases and physical purchases. At the same time, a smartphone and a smartwatch are suitable for payment, which is very convenient.

First, you must download the official application with the same name from Google Play and add your cards there. You can be sure that the security in this program is at a high level, and do not be afraid for your money. Unfortunately, what can not be said about third-party applications from unknown developers, which easily steal all personal information?

The main advantages of contactless payment:

  1. No need to carry your cards everywhere.
  2. All information is in one place.
  3. The maximum level of encryption of personal data when making a payment.
  4. The popularity of Google Pay makes more and more retail outlets use this system.

There are also disadvantages. Do not forget that if you lose your smartphone, you face the risk of having your funds stolen. It costs nothing for an intruder with your phone to break into Google Pay. The user may also face the following disadvantages:

  • It is mandatory to have official global firmware. The system will not work on custom versions.
  • There must be no root rights. You will have to choose either extended functionality thanks to the “Super User” mode or contactless payment.
  • Inactive bootloader. How to enable and disable it – you can learn in our articles.

How to properly set up Google Pay on Xiaomi

You have purchased a new Xiaomi smartphone of the Mi line (with NFC chip support) but do not know how to start implementing contactless payment correctly. Then follow the provided instructions. It will take no more than 5 minutes to set up and add cards.

Installing and first setting up GPay

As mentioned above, you must install an app called Google Pay (Android Pay). Once the installation is completed – open the application.

We take a picture with the built-in camera of the necessary card. Then confirm all the data using the code from the SMS message. That is the end of the “implantation” of the card into the phone.

Activation of the NFC module

By default, contactless payment is disabled, and this is done for security purposes. To activate it, you need to perform a few simple actions:

  1. Find the “Settings” icon on the main screen, click;
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “More”, where you see the item “Wireless Networks”;
  3. Next, check NFC“, open a mini-menu called “Item Location” and set “Use HCE Wallet”. It is also possible to add the application to the autoloader if desired.
  4. And the final touch: if you did not give special permissions to the application during the installation, now you have to do it. Go to “Permissions”, open Google Pay, and give it access to the components of the chip.

If you don’t have a screen lock installed: text password, graphic key, fingerprint, the payment system will definitely ask you to set it. Otherwise your phone won’t perform card functions.

Conducting test payment

First, you should choose one main (main) card. You will have to enter the application and operate from there if this is not done immediately.

But with the default card selected, it’s enough to bring your smartphone to the terminal, and the money is instantly debited. Unfortunately, this is not always the case: if the purchase amount is large enough, the cashier will ask you to enter a pin code or sign the receipt. And, of course, your country must support contactless payment. The same goes for stores because the PayWawe and PayPass systems are obligatory.

Do not forget that you can also pay in online stores by clicking on a special button on the payment page.

What to do if Google Pay does not work

Alas, there are common situations when withdrawing funds; you get a notification informing you that the payment system is not supported on your device. The most trivial is the absence of the NFC chip. The only way out in such a situation is to buy a new corresponding smartphone. But what to do if there is a module, but the payment does not happen?

  • First, check whether the smartphone is in “perfect factory” condition. We mean the absence of root rights and an unlocked bootloader. If at least one of these things is present – GPay is 100% likely not to work!
  • Another common problem: is the smartphone has not passed the Google check for a security certificate. To solve the problem, we recommend as accurate and truthful as possible, specify all your data, and, if necessary, contact official support.
  • If you have an unlocked bootloader – you need to use Magisk. This program will hide the presence of bootloader activation and even root rights.


Do I get an SMS confirmation when I write off funds through the terminal?

No, you don’t need to enter a special code or tell it to a cashier. Only after the payment may you receive a message about the balance on your account.

What is the maximum amount to pay for goods without entering the password from your phone?

The official Google help shows 1000 rubles, 200-300 hryvnias, 30 pounds, 25 euros, and 50 U.S. dollars.

I have reinstalled the operating system. Do I need to re-configure Android Pay?

If you do not do a backup, then yes, because all the settings you made will be reset to their default value.

What are the fees for contactless payment?

This is strictly individual and depends on your bank and specific card. In most cases, there is no fee.

As you can see, setting up NFC and Google Pay on Xiaomi devices is easy enough if you put in a little effort and carefully read the instructions. Safety, comfort, and ease of payment perfectly compensate time and technical efforts spent on the service setup.

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