ATM is the water resistance level of your device. It determines the ability of a wrist-worn gadget to be submerged underwater and maintains its performance. ATM is present in every wristband, but this does not mean that all owners of modern models can dive to great depths.

There are several levels of protection (depending on the pressure at a certain depth in still water):

  • 1 ATM (10 meters) – increased resistance to splashing and rain. But it is not recommended to swim with the gadget;
  • 3 ATM (30 meters) – withstands heavy rain and accidental underwater immersion. But it is forbidden to move in depth;
  • 5 ATM (50 meters) – rain, splashing, jets of water, surface swimming, as well as scuba diving at the minimum depth is allowed;
  • 10 ATM (100 meters) – surface and depth swimming are allowed. But at the shallow end, high-speed water sports are strictly forbidden;
  • 20 ATM (200 meters) – withstands snorkeling, surface diving, and water sports.
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