Mi-Account Authorization

Any Xiaomi user can protect his smartphone from hacking and prying eyes by setting an account password. But sometimes, the opposite protection is harmful, for example, after a “bricking” and subsequent reflashing. The system asks for non-existent data, and restoring access to the device is impossible. To avoid such a problem, you need to authorize the Mi account.

What is it, and why is it needed?

Mi-account authorization is a very important moment for experienced owners who like to experiment and frequently change the firmware. By performing this operation just once, you will be able to restore “bricks” on your own and not be afraid that actions with the software will lead to the blocking of the account.

This has become especially relevant lately when the company has increased the bootloader unlocking time and introduced an anti-blocking system. If you don’t want to get a non-working locked device – be sure to authorize it!

Are you updating officially “by air”? Then you don’t need to manipulate your account at all. You should be authorized if most of the builds are installed through the utility MiFlash, and when you need to reflash with EDL urgently.

How to check and apply for Mi account authorization

This is a multi-step but rather uncomplicated procedure that even a novice can handle. Follow each step clearly and check the screenshots!

  1. We need a program called Xiaomi Flash Tool. You can download it from xiaomiflashtool.com. If this utility is already installed – skip this point.
  2. Open the directory with the downloaded tool and go to the “Mi” folder.
  3. Here we find the file “account_auth.exe” and run it as administrator. The system will ask for permission to open the program. Click “Yes”.
  4. A window appears in which you need to log in to your Mi account. The application may start in an incomprehensible language, so switch to English on the upper right side.
  5. Enter the login (Mi ID) and password from the account. The tied-up email address or phone number will also work. At the bottom, click on the big green “Login” button.
  6. An inscription pops up, notifying you that the check for the current computer is about to begin. After a few seconds, we see an answer on the screen, asking if the account is authorized. In our case, the program reported that the computer is bound to the account, so you can safely reflash.

The “Mi Authorized EDL Account” box may also pop up. This indicates that you can restore the “brick” yourself. Sometimes, a message with an authorization code is sent to your email or phone number. Please enter it in a special box, and that’s it, no problem.

What to do if it shows “Unauthorized Xiaomi account”? In this case, click on “Apply Bind”, located in the lower right corner of the screen. The account is authorized, but it may take time. That is all. That is the end of the user’s actions. As you can see, there is nothing complicated.


What should I do if I receive a mi-account authorization error?

Also, check that you entered your password and login correctly.

Do I need the unlocked loader?

Exactly for authorization – no. But if you want to manipulate with global firmware – make sure to activate the bootloader. Otherwise, you’ll get a brick immediately.

Reflashing phone got bricked, and an account was not authorized. How to solve this problem now?

Contact the original service center Xiaomi. There without any problems will restore the device. If you prefer to do it yourself, try to reflash through TestPoint.

I want to put a new MIUI version through the custom Recovery, is it necessary authorization?

No, in your case, it is unnecessary.

Today we have discussed how to authorize your Xiaomi account correctly, what it is for, and how it will benefit the user. If you still have questions, write in the comments. We’ll always help! Good luck!

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