A processor (CPU) is a microcontroller or a small computer responsible for executing user-defined commands. For example, the smartphone’s processor handles simply opening an application or tapping the screen. You could say that such an element is the main thing in a phone, computer, or another electronic device. The Mi Smart Band fitness bracelet has a microprocessor that processes all user requests.

And what are the differences between the processors in different price categories? First, by their power and size. And secondly, the number and speed of simultaneously processed tasks. Also, the processor affects the smartphone’s autonomy. That is its works on a single battery charge. When choosing a phone, you should pay attention not to the battery capacity but to the installed microcontroller.

A smartphone with a small battery but a modern processor can work much longer than a device with a large battery but an outdated processor.

Processors for smartphones are actively produced by Qualcomm, MTK, and Exynos (Samsung’s development). Some people are skeptical about microcontrollers from MTK because previously, the manufacturer did not produce very high-quality elements. However, the popularity of processors from Qualcomm is higher, and you can find them in almost all phones of Xiaomi.

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