HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging) is a mode for creating photos with an expanded dynamic range. In simple terms, this technology allows you to avoid distorting the photo. That is, it prevents some parts of the image were clear and others – from not. Many modern smartphones and cameras support this shooting mode.

The principle of this option is the following: the camera takes several pictures of the same object and then combines them into one picture using the software (AI). In this case, all areas of the image are obtained with the desired contrast and brightness, which significantly improves the overall detail. However, this will be characteristic of photos where the object is stationary. If you want to capture a moving car, it is better to use conventional photography.

It is worth noting that HDR shooting mode is not implemented on every phone. For example, it is likely to be absent on models with a bad camera. To activate it, you need to start the camera and click on the ” HDR ” icon.

If the desired icon is not on the screen, you need to open an additional menu and select it.

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