MAC Address

A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned at the factory to any device designed to work with networks. Every smartphone, laptop, router, and the electronic device connected to the Internet has one. A unique identifier consists of 6 bytes, and its main purpose is to identify the recipient and the sender of data packets.

It should not be confused with an IP address, as they are completely different. A MAC address is fixed and assigned to a device. If you want, it can certainly be changed, but to do so would be quite difficult. It is impossible to meet smartphones or computers with the same identifiers. To find out the MAC address of a particular phone, you need to go to the settings and then open the “General Information” section.

But what can a normal user need a MAC address for? Most often, it is needed to configure a special filter in the router. This means that only those devices that are on the list of allowed devices can connect to your network.

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