Wallpaper Carousel on Xiaomi (MIUI)

Xiaomi phones have excellent optimization and many interesting features. One of these options is the automatic change of screensavers on the lock screen. Now let’s discuss how to enable and configure the wallpaper carousel on Xiaomi (MIUI).

How does the wallpaper carousel work?

Mi Wallpaper Carousel is a changing wallpaper for the locked screen. The user does not need to set the images; the pictures will change automatically. The refresh rate depends on the settings. By default, a new picture appears each time the display is turned on.

There are two sources where you can get the wallpaper:

  1. Photo from Gallery.
  2. Images compiled by developers. You need to subscribe to selections with topics of interest. For example, animals, music, food, and sports.

Some pictures go with the caption in English. Thanks to this, you can read brief news or descriptions of places of interest at the bottom of the wallpaper.

Featured in MIUI 13 and higher

The Wallpaper Carousel app disappeared with the release of MIUI 9. On earlier versions of the shell, it was a full-fledged program. On the tenth and eleventh MIUI, the item is hidden from the menu. In MIUI 12, the section has reappeared in the settings. Let’s find out where this tab is and how to use the wallpaper carousel if fresh firmware is installed.

Turning on the wallpaper carousel (MIUI 11)

First, you need to change your region to India so that the item appears in the settings. Go to “Advanced Settings” and click on the line “Region”. In the menu, select “India”.

After the above steps, you can turn on the wallpaper carousel. Go back to the original menu and open “Lock Screen”. Click on the item Glance for Mi“, in which we move the slider to the active state.

The mobile device must have a default stock theme. Then the pictures will automatically change. On third-party themes, the function is inactive.

Previously you could download “MIUI Wallpaper Carousel” from Google Play, but the application was removed. Now it is impossible to find the program even on XDA. The software remained only on suspicious sites. So the best option is to use the above instruction and enable the option in the system settings.

Configuring Wallpaper Carousel

After activating the carousel, the same tab will bring up items for a detailed setup. The first thing to specify is Glance Image Categories . Once in this section, subscribe to the categories of interest. The following themes are available:

  • Entertainment;
  • Fashion and Style;
  • Cars & Bikes;
  • Comedy;
  • Did you know?
  • Food;
  • Games;
  • Health and Fitness;
  • India News;
  • Nature & Wildlife;
  • Science and Tech;
  • Talent;
  • Word News;
  • Daily Digest;
  • Music; Music;
  • Sports;
  • Business News; Business News;
  • Travel & Adventure.

There is no limit to the number of subscriptions. If a topic is interesting, click on the blue rectangle “+Subscribe”.

The next option – is the installation of photos from the Gallery. You can select 4 photos. Below, specify the frequency of displaying these images: every 2nd, 3rd, or 4th photo. To save traffic, deactivate the function “Update via mobile Internet”.

On my Redmi 7A running MIUI Global 11.0.4. there is no option to specify the interval for changing pictures. On other models, this item may be.

Wallpaper Carousel app (MIUI 13)

In MIUI 12, the wallpaper carousel has reappeared as an app. Also, the item is in the system settings menu. The functionality is more advanced when compared to a similar tool on MIUI 11. The user can:

  • Turn on the slide show not only for the lock screen but also for the desktop.
  • Select the frequency and order of wallpaper updates.
  • Specify the quality of the screensavers (for example, HD).
  • Add a shortcut to the Home screen.
  • Set up morning greetings between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.
  • Add your favorite images to Favorites.
  • Lock categories you’re not interested in.

Disabling the carousel

Now let’s look at how to disable the wallpaper carousel on Xiaomi. There are two ways for MIUI 12 – to set your real region again or to deactivate the function in the settings.

The first method:

  1. Go to Advanced Settings.
  2. Look for the “Region” tab.
  3. Set your country. Once you remove India, the Mi wallpaper carousel will automatically disappear.

The second method:

  1. Open Screen Lock – Glance for Mi.
  2. Deactivate the slider next to the top line “Enable”.

Wondering how to completely remove the wallpaper carousel on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI 12? Take advantage of these instructions:

  1. Open “Settings– “About phone”.
  2. Go to “Storage– “Application and data”.
  3. Look for “Wallpaper Carousel” – “Delete“.
  4. Also, delete the file “mfashiongallery.emag” so the icon is not displayed on the locked screen.

How to solve arising problems

Problem: The wallpaper carousel does not work.
Solution: Install the system theme and grant all requested permissions. Make sure you have access to the Internet.

Problem: The images on the lock screen do not update.
Solution: Check if you are subscribed to the headings and if the selected photos are in the Gallery. You may not have specified which pictures should appear. Also, set a default theme.

Problem: I can’t get the wallpaper carousel off the lock screen.
Solution: If the above methods do not help, reset your phone to the factory settings. From the box, this feature is disabled on Miyuay 11. The wallpaper carousel is not removed on MIUI 12 via settings – use the guide to remove system apps.

We’ve discussed the Wallpaper Carousel option, which most users will enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we’ll always help.

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