A PDA is a pocket personal computer (PDA) that allows users to perform various actions. The term is an abbreviation of the “Personal Digital Assistant“. In the past, such devices were considered quite powerful, allowing them to perform many tasks. For example, to run certain programs and perform simple calculations.

Externally handheld computer looks like a modern phone, but in the earliest models, the control is done with the help of keys. But also, there are devices with touch screens, where a stylus is used for a more accurate touch. Such a device allows you to view photos, make calls, run videos, and browse the web.

With the advent of smartphones, PDAs began to be squeezed out of the market, and now they are even hard to find on the market. The modern smartphone is an analog of the PDA, but with a more powerful processor, enough RAM, and a quality display. The most famous companies, Sony and Compaq, stopped producing PDAs in 2010.

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