What to Do if Your Xiaomi Phone Fell Into Water

Manufacturers are now adding moisture protection to modern phones. But many users take this indicator too seriously. Moisture protection and water resistance are completely different things. Now let’s discuss the right thing to do when your Xiaomi phone has fallen into the water, what actions will save the device, and which will significantly harm it.

What categorically should not be done if your smartphone has fallen into the water

Did you take your phone out of the water and not understand what to do with it next? Do not hurry to take chaotic actions, and carefully read the procedures that will only harm your phone.

This article will be useful to everyone without exception, even as you read it from your smartphone right now.
  1. Warm with a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. This is the most common mistake among users. It would seem that a warm jet will dry the moisture collected in the device, but this is not the case. Gusts of air will disperse the droplets under the case, trapping intact parts. If water collects around the motherboard, the component will quickly oxidize.
  2. Shaking/tapping the smartphone. As in the first case, water will only spread faster. Liquid can’t get out if the cover is closed, so shaking and flipping are useless. Don’t tilt the phone in different directions. Only hold it vertically with the front camera at the very top.
  3. Keep your phone running. Even when the device continues to function normally after a water hit, it should be turned off. Otherwise, at any moment, there will be a short circuit. Xiaomi fell into the water and won’t turn on? Press the power button anyway, and don’t release it for a few seconds to stop all system processes.
  4. Instant disassembly of the device. Many people try to remove the back cover immediately, using sharp objects and scratching the panel. This way + can easily break the sim card tray and tear the touchscreen ribbon. So do not panic. Wipe the device and prepare the tools for the proper and safe phone disassembly.

Instructions for repairing Xiaomi and Redmi after water damage

Now, look at the correct scheme for restoring the device to working order. Remember that if you are not confident in your technical knowledge and skills, it is always better to turn to a specialist. Phone repair at home will be suitable only for experienced users.

Step 1: remove external moisture

First, you need to dry the body and screen of the smartphone. Any piece of cloth or a thin towel will do. It is desirable to choose lint-free and soft materials. Otherwise, you will scratch the sensor.

Pay special attention to the connectors and the speaker grill. A cotton swab can gently go over the holes, and does not drive moisture inside the Xiaomi phone.

Step 2: disassemble the phone

Once the phone is dry on the outside, you can disassemble it. We’ll need: a paper clip to remove the SIM tray, a flat spatula, a screwdriver, an oxidation remover (if water got on important parts), and a hair dryer.

Remove the SIM tray and remove the back panel

There is nothing complicated here, the usual case disassembly procedure. Complete and detailed instructions can be found in our separate article.

We take a special paper clip and insert it into the hole. Press it a little bit and take the tray aside. Armed with a spatula, with which you will remove the cover. Look for the gap in the panel and cling to it, starting to move carefully along the perimeter.

Do not make any sudden movements. The case is usually removed long and painstakingly. All sides should snap off; you can only pull the panel towards you and remove it. Hold one edge with scissors or tweezers in a pinch, but do not scratch. Also, don’t forget to disconnect the touchscreen ribbon.

Disconnecting the battery and unscrewing the bolts

Once the cover is removed, proceed to disassemble the insides. Unscrew all visible screws and remove the protective panels. Now we get to the battery. Carefully unhook the cable. Try to heat the battery with a thin dryer stream to make the glue easier and faster to remove.

Checking the motherboard for oxidation

On top of the battery is a voluminous plate that is the motherboard. This is a key element in the phone and should not be allowed to oxidize for long periods.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the humidity indicators. This detail looks like a small circle that turns pink or red when exposed to water. Have you noticed these? It means that the moisture has seriously damaged the device. Let’s fix it now.

The oxidation looks like a fuzzy white deposit. It’s hard to see, so take a good look at the board. No plaque? Let’s put the motherboard back in place.

Otherwise, you will need a special liquid. You can purchase the solution at any technology or household store. Most can be found in the form of a spray. Spray the motherboard and clean it with a toothbrush, paying special attention to the dirty areas.

To dry the liquid faster, you need to dry the element. An ordinary hair dryer will do if you do not have a special device. At a distance of 2-3 meters, dry the board for 10 minutes.

Do not touch the plastic connectors when heating, and avoid the area around the light sensors and the microphone. Stronger heating is required for the closed parts of the board.

Inspecting other parts of the smartphone

Oxidation also affects other parts of the phone, so we recommend carefully removing and examining the panels. If you notice a white deposit, repeat the procedure: spray the product, use a brush, and heat again.

You can see just the drops that got inside. Carefully wipe the liquid with a lint-free cloth. But you should not dry it, only if very thin and in a specific place.

Step 3: reassemble the phone and check its performance

Once thoroughly inspected and drying the device, reassemble it, putting the parts back in place. To do this correctly, check out the video tutorial.

Don’t rush to turn on the phone after it has been exposed to water. If you’re unsure that all the moisture is thoroughly removed, it’s better to put the phone in rice to dry. The cereal will absorb any remaining water, and only then can your Xiaomi be launched without fear. Keep in mind that no air should get in, so put the phone and the rice in an airtight package.

When to call the service center

If you are not an experienced user, visiting a good technician is the only right decision. Xiaomi smartphone repair after water ingress is complicated and responsible, and any wrong procedure can lead to the final failure of the mobile device.

Before visiting the service center, adhere to these rules:

  • Immediately remove the device from the water. The liquid is merciless to the smartphone, and, in 10 minutes, there can be a short circuit and oxidation.
  • Turn off the phone. Such a simple action will save you from a short circuit while you take Xiaomi to the service center.
  • Be sure to wipe your device. Drops need to be carefully removed from the screen and body. Also, do not forget about the connectors.
  • Go to the master on the same day. Fast delivery to repair the device greatly increases the chances of “salvation”.


How long should I put my wet phone in rice?

It takes several days for the rice to absorb the liquid fully. So leave your smartphone for 1-2 days.

What to do if Xiaomi does not turn on even after disassembly and drying?

There is only one way out – the service center. And there is no guarantee that the device will return to working condition.

What smartphones Xiaomi and Redmi have moisture protection?

Predominantly this is the flagship line Mi. Of the recent innovations, good protection against water can boast the Mi 9. If we talk about the budget series, moisture is partly not afraid of the Redmi Note 7. But note that this is only a conditional indicator. The smartphone can easily survive splashes of rain or drops from the shower, but swimming with the device or immersion in depth is prohibited.

Phone sensor does not work after water, what to do?

You may need to replace the sensor. It is better not to carry out any independent operations not to aggravate the situation. The service center should help you.

Water gets into the speakers, how to solve this problem?

There is no need to conduct a complete disassembly if the speaker got a small amount of liquid. Wipe the grille with a lint-free cloth or cotton swabs. Tilt the smartphone so that all the water drains out, and you can turn it on. Of course, at first, the sound may be a bit jarring, but sometimes working at maximum volume will solve this problem.

Today we discussed what to do if Xiaomi is in water. Yes, this is a very unpleasant and stressful situation for the user, but it can be easily dealt with by following our recommendations. Remember that, in any case, you can go to a qualified technician if you are afraid of manipulation at home. Good luck!

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