QWERTY Keyboard

The QWERTY keyboard is the most popular and widespread layout in the world. Previously, all English letters were in alphabetical order. This caused some inconvenience when using typewriters. The keys clung to each other while typing quickly. As a result, the device would malfunction.

But in 1873, a solution to this problem was found – the American Sholes offered to arrange the letters in a slightly different order. As a result, the layout he created was very convenient, and it was named after the first six English letters – QWERTY. Look at your keyboard, and you’ll immediately notice this combination.

The main advantage of this layout is that the most used characters are in the central part of the keyboard. All this has allowed many people to master the blind method of typing. Therefore, all fingers of the hand are used for typing.

Mobile keyboards also follow the QWERTY principle. This is so that computer owners can also type quickly on their smartphones.

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