A screenshot is a picture of what is on your phone’s screen at a particular moment in time. It can be a screenshot of the desktop, a page in a browser, an application, etc. To take a standard screenshot, press the volume and power keys simultaneously. When you do this, a screenshot thumbnail will appear in the side corner of the screen, and when you tap it, it will open the editing panel.

There are also other options for creating screenshots. For example, you can open the notification curtain and click on the “Screenshot” item. If there is no such button, click on the “Sort” icon and move it around. This method of taking screenshots is not very convenient, especially if we are talking about objects that move quickly.

You can also create a screenshot using a special gesture. To set it up, go to: “Advanced Settings” → “Button Functions” → “Screenshot”. In the last section, choose the appropriate gesture for taking a screenshot. We recommend using a three-finger downward motion. Taking a screenshot will be enough to simultaneously swipe three fingers downwards from the center of the screen.

There are several screenshots, but the most popular is the long screenshot. It is most often used to save the contents of a website or some other page.

You must simultaneously press the volume down key and the power button to create a long screenshot. Then quickly, next to the thumbnail that appears, select “Scroll”. The editing panel opens, and the screenshot begins to scroll slowly. At the desired place to stop, click the “Stop” button. Then save the screenshot or perform other manipulations.

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