How to Turn off Ads on Xiaomi

Phones from Xiaomi and Redmi have excellent support from the manufacturer, good quality, and affordable price. But like any other device, they can contain advertising information, which annoys users. Therefore, many are wondering how to turn off ads on Xiaomi and whether it is possible.

Why do ads appear on my smartphone?

Ads on Android devices – a common thing. It can be useful and embedded by the manufacturer itself. For example, you often see on the screen recommendations to buy something from the company, to download or buy a certain product for the better functioning of the operating system. And such advertising can be disturbing, but it can’t be called dangerous for the phone.

But viral advertising is a real obstacle to the normal functioning of your smartphone. It can appear as follows: you go to a site and notice news with shocking names appearing directly on the desktop or in the top menu. You follow the link and instantly get the virus on your phone.

There are safe but annoying advertisements, too. In any case, you need to get rid of such information. How to do it correctly and safely for your phone – read below.

Many users wonder why there are ads in MIUI and such large quantities. The fact is that the company makes a lot of money from these ads. Considering that most Xiaomi phones are inexpensive – a side effect is a spam. The developers promised that the twelfth MIUI would be ad-free, but that expectation was not met.

Disabling Xiaomi’s built-in advertising services

First of all, you need to turn off the services that are responsible for the display of built-in advertising. This procedure does not require root rights. Everything is done in the settings menu.

  1. So, go to “Passwords and security” and scroll down to the “Access to personal data” tab.
  2. In the list of Xiaomi apps, we find “msa” and “MiuiDaemon“. These are advertising services that you can safely disable. Click on the slider and put it in the inactive state. Wait a few seconds and then click on the pop-up window “Cancel”. If it does not work, reboot the smartphone and perform this action several times, as it may not work at once. Also prerequisite – enabled Internet.
  3. Now open the system application “Security” and go down to “Data transfer”.
  4. Click on “Network Connections”. In the upper right corner, click on the triple dot and select “Background Connections”. Uncheck the “msa” box.

Full removal of ad services through the computer

You can also completely remove “msa” and “MiuiDaemon”. This is a more complicated and multi-step procedure, but the result will be one hundred percent. Since these services are equated to system applications, they cannot be uninstalled in the standard way through the settings. The only option is to use a special program called Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools.

Here we will consider only the main points.

  1. Download and install the utility.
  2. Turn on USB debugging on your smartphone.
  3. Connect the phone to the PC.
  4. Press the big button Debloated in the program.
  5. On the phone, we permit debugging.
  6. If Xiaomi is successfully connected, you’ll see a list of applications available for deletion. Check MiuiDaemon and msa. Then click on the red line Uninstall!
  7. We are waiting a few seconds. If uninstall is successful, the corresponding inscription will appear on the left side of the program. Now click “Reboot into System” and disconnect the smartphone.

How to completely disable ads in apps on MIUI 13

Every system app on Xiaomi has ads. It is displayed in the explorer, theme store, security, music, etc. Below we will tell you how you can easily and quickly get rid of ads in pre-installed programs.


If you have a built-in file manager, removing unnecessary information from it is very easy. Downloaded File Explorer from Google Play? Then only special utilities to clean ads will help, as we will discuss below.

Go into Explorer and click on the image of three dots in the upper left corner. In the side menu, open “Settings” – “Information”. Uncheck the “Receive Recommendations” box.

Now let’s proceed to the removal of ads in other standard applications.


If you use the pre-installed ” Music ” service, ” you also need to disable intrusive ads.

  1. Find the shortcut on the desktop, launch the application, and click on the icon in the upper left corner. Select “Settings.”
  2. Go to the “Advanced Settings” tab and scroll down the page. We need the line “Show Ads”, where we turn off the slider.


Here, the scheme is similar. Tap the triplet in the upper right corner, open Settings, and deactivate the “Get Recommendations” sign.


The security section’s main function is to keep your device safe from viruses, unwanted glances, and malicious tools or games. But it’s this service that adds extra adware to your phone. Let’s turn them off:

  1. Go to “Security”, and click on the image of a gear in the top corner.
  2. A detailed list with settings appears when we click on the tab “Receive recommendations”, simply unchecking the active checkbox.
  3. Go up a little higher, and tap on the cleanup. Repeat the above action. Done. Now there will be significantly fewer ads on your smartphone.

Mi Video

This is an application where you can watch videos stored on your smartphone and clips from social networks. Many people do not use this program because they consider it useless. After all, there is Gallery for similar purposes.

Standard advertisements are not disabled. But you can turn off push notifications about new local videos and popular today. To do this:

  1. Open the “Profile” item located in the bottom right corner. Click on “Settings.”
  2. Go to the “Popular Today” and “Found New Local Video” tabs. Completely deactivate the slider, or leave only the notifications in the bar/lock screen.


Mi Browser’s proprietary browser also has a lot of ads. To disable it, you need to do some steps in the settings. Namely:

  1. Open the browser and go to “Profile”. Click on the gear in the right corner.
  2. Go to “Security” and move the slider to the inactive mode in front of “Personalization of Services”.
  3. Go back to the previous menu. Here we need the “Advanced Settings” section. Enable the “Ad Blocking” item. Deactivate the line “Block notifications” so as not to be annoyed by useless notifications.

Theme Store

Ad blocking on Xiaomi and Redmi also needs to be done in the theme store. While browsing the home page, intrusive ads often appear. Launch the Theme store and go to the profile (bottom right corner) to get rid of them. Click “Settings” and turn off “Show Ads” and “Personal Recommendations”. Done.


Ads appear in Miai even when you open folders with apps. Removing such ads is very simple: open a particular folder and go into edit mode, clicking on the folder’s name. At the bottom, there will be a line “Recommendations”. Deactivate it.

Desktop and lock screen

Sometimes there are ads on the desktop. It is very disturbing and annoying. To turn it off, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the system menu and open “Desktop”.
  2. Turn off “Show Offers”.

Spam appears on the lock screen because the wallpaper carousel is turned on. This tool customizes the appearance of the locked screen, but a side effect is the constant advertising inscriptions. Try simply disabling the feature. To do this, open “Lock Screen” in the settings and go to the Glance for Mi tab. Deactivate the “Enable” line. This is how you can quickly and easily remove ads on the lock screen.


To stop displaying ads in the system calendar, you need to disable the “msa” service from working with the background connection. It is this service that adds ads to the calendar. At the beginning of the article, there is the detailed instruction on how to disable the background connection.


Also, in the settings, you can disable recommendations in all applications. We recommend doing this after you have manually disabled ads in pre-installed programs.

  1. Open “Applications” – “All applications”.
  2. Click on the triple dot in the upper right corner and tap “Settings”. Disable “Receive Recommendations”.

Installing APKs

Ads may be displayed when you install an app, and a security check is in progress. To disable spam, you need to:

  1. During the virus check, click on the gear in the upper right corner.
  2. In the settings that open, uncheck the “Receive recommendations” checkbox.


GetApps is responsible for advertisements in notifications. This is Xiaomi’s proprietary app store. This program appears most often when you change the region to India. If you are annoyed by GetApps ads, swipe to the left on the notification. You will see a gear icon on the right. Click on it and turn off the GetApps Notifications ” line – “Done”.

Widget Ribbon

The widget feed displays a huge amount of information, including advertising recommendations. To get rid of them, you need to disable unnecessary blocks. Open the ribbon and click on the gear. Go to the “Recommended” section and tap on the minus next to the blocks you want to turn off. For example, recommendations, cricket, stocks, popular games, and videos.

In this way, we’ve disabled ads on Xiaomi with MIUI 12. The above steps will help eliminate intrusive ads in the system apps. The instructions are also suitable for MIUI 11.

Disabling personalized ads

If you turn off personalized ads, there will be fewer annoying ads.

  1. Open the settings and go down to the privacy tab. Go in and also scroll down the page until “Ads” appears.
  2. Activate the “Disable ad personalization” checkbox. Read the warning and click “OK”.
  3. Return to the original menu and open “Passwords and Security. We need the “Privacy” item.
  4. Uncheck the boxes for “Quality Improvement Program” and “Send Data for Diagnostics. Next, go to “Advertising Services” and deactivate the “Personalized Advertising” line.

Setting the MIUI region without ads

MIUI has an ad-free region. It’s the UK. Xiaomi has to adhere to the law of this country, which prohibits the presence of advertisements in the software. On MIUI 13, it worked, but on the twelfth version, there are still some ads. You can try setting the UK, but it’s not guaranteed that all spam will disappear. We have a separate article on changing the region.

How to check your Xiaomi phone for viruses and remove them

Viruses are quite rare on Android devices, but sometimes it happens. You can suspect the presence of a virus by the following signs:

  1. Rapid battery drain.
  2. Hiccups and incorrect operation of the smartphone.
  3. Automatic installation of unnecessary applications.
  4. Sending spam.
  5. Lack of space in the internal storage.

To remove viruses, there is a system app called “Security”. You can find many antivirus programs on Google Play, but we do not recommend their use. Firstly, the effectiveness of such programs is not proven. Secondly, they take up a lot of space. It is better to resort to the help of a pre-installed utility. Check Xiaomi for viruses as follows:

  1. Open the application and go to the tab “Antivirus”.
  2. Wait for the scan to complete. The smartphone is checked according to the following parameters: general security, payment security, and viruses. If everything is normal, you will receive appropriate notification. If not, the application will remove viruses and tell you how else to optimize your mobile device.

Now you know how to get rid of viruses on MIUI using a reliable and fast method.

Using special applications

A few years ago, many apps on Google Play blocked all ads on the smartphone. Now there are no such programs at all. Doubtful sources offer various software that supposedly can remove all ads, but there is no result. Moreover, such applications can be threatening and steal the user’s data.

Of the proven applications, we can advise Adblock. It is an ad-blocker browser. It can be used instead of Mi Browser. The application is available on Google Play.

We discussed how to disable ads in MIUI 12. Unfortunately, there are not many methods, but all the ways described in the article are effective and simple. They also don’t require root rights and an unlocked bootloader. Write in the comments how you fight spam on Xiaomi.

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