Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a technology designed to recharge devices without connecting them directly to a station through wires. Two coils are used for this procedure: one in the unit connected to the power supply and one in the smartphone itself. As soon as the first one generates current, a magnetic field appears around it and transmits it to the second one.

Wireless chargers work at different power levels. As a rule, it varies between 5 and 20 watts. The speed at which the device can be charged depends on this figure. Therefore, the higher it will be, the sooner it will be possible to resume the energy of the mobile gadget, regardless of its battery capacity.

To put a smartphone on the charge, it is enough to put it on the wireless design. As soon as the devices detect each other, the process of replenishing the charge will start. It usually starts 1-2 seconds after touching the gadgets.

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