How to Scan a QR Code on Xiaomi

QR codes were created to encrypt information easily, such as links, documents, and photos. Codes can be located on a virtual medium (computers, phones) and a physical one (paper products). But many people don’t know how to scan a QR code on Xiaomi and which program to use for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss scanning a QR code in detail.

QR code – what is it?

Quick Response Code is a quick response element that stores a certain amount of data encoded with bar codes. It is a small black-and-white square with intricate patterns inside. Four modes of encryption are used for encryption. The code can be decrypted using a scanner, which is a phone camera or special device.

This technology was first used in the Japanese automobile industry. But now, it is a popular everyday function, which greatly facilitates the transmission and receipt of information. For example, instead of putting a long link on the box of the product, the producer adds a small square.

QR possibilities

The object encoded in the QR code is opened immediately through the QR code. They are most often links to web pages. But codes can also appear on business cards, advertising banners, packages, and books with instructional videos or augmented reality. Using a QR-code scanner, you can add a contact to your messenger or social network without having to dial the number + connect to a Wi-Fi network manually.

What you need to scan

Using instant response codes is very convenient. The only thing you’ll need is an app that scans QR codes. Xiaomi and Redmi phones have such a tool pre-installed from the factory. Also, excellent third-party programs can be found in the Play Market.

Scanning goes as follows: point the camera at the QR code and wait for the encrypted action to work. If it’s a link, the system will ask in which application or browser to open it.

How to scan a QR code on the phone Xiaomi and Redmi: instructions

Now we will look into the method of scanning QR codes through Xiaomi’s cell phone. There are two options – through a special application or with an ordinary camera.

Through the application “Scanner” in MIUI

This is a system program for QR codes; you do not need to download and install it separately.

  1. Usually, the application is located in the “Tools” folder. Could you find it and run it?
  2. Position the camera so that the barcode falls within the designated frames.
  3. We take a picture.
  4. After a few seconds, a certain action, such as opening an Internet page, should trigger.

With the stock camera

The main camera can also recognize QR codes, but this function is usually deactivated. To activate it, you need to:

  1. Open “Settings” and go to the path “Applications” – “System applications”.
  2. Click on “Camera”. In the menu that will open, scroll down to “Scan QR-code” and move the slider to “On”.

Or you can enter the camera and click on the triple dot in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open a page with the same settings.

As you can see, it is convenient to check qr-codes via the system application. If you are not satisfied with the functionality of the built-in software, have a look at the tools from Google Play.

Third-party code-reading applications

Xiaomi can download various applications and scanners, different in interface and functionality. The only disadvantage compared to the pre-installed program is the additional space required for internal storage.

QR Code Reader

A quick and easy QR scanner for Android smartphones. To scan a barcode, place it in the designated frames. The action will work instantly: if it’s a link, it will open in your browser, and if it’s just text, it will appear on the screen immediately. If the lighting is poor, use a flashlight to illuminate it.

On Xiaomi, you can scan the QR code for an instant connection to the Wi-Fi network. You won’t need to enter a password manually. There is also a built-in Quick Response Code generator. All features are free.

QR and barcode scanner

A versatile tool that scans Quick Response codes and regular barcodes. The app reads information from another phone’s screen and from a physical medium. The following data is recognized:

  • URL links;
  • contacts;
  • Wi-Fi network;
  • video;
  • text;
  • photos;
  • location;
  • messages;
  • ISBN;
  • barcodes on products.

An interesting function is supported – scanning from an image that is saved in “Galleries”.

QR scanner

One more excellent application, the main trick, is a security check of the encrypted information. The tool scans the data, and if it detects malicious elements, it blocks them at once. It is especially relevant when opening a link that may lead to a dangerous site.

The application doesn’t differ from its analogs in any other way. The code recognition scheme is the same: point your smartphone camera at the square and wait for it to work.

Google Lens

A multifunctional application that, in addition to scanning codes, can:

  • translate texts;
  • determine the species of animals and plants;
  • find similar-looking objects.

All actions are carried out with the help of a camera or through the image. Using this software, you can learn more about the world and quickly decipher codes. The program is developed by the company Google, so it is safe, qualitative, and reliable.


One of the fastest QR code readers for Xiaomi. Users in the comments note the instantaneous opening of the information. It is also possible to encrypt information independently: this will come in handy when it is impossible to transfer data without a QR code.

Online scanners

There are many online QR-code scanners on the Internet. To access them, enter a query in a search engine and go to the open sites. Downloading and installation is not required. But there is a disadvantage – such services usually recognize the encryption only from the image, not through the camera in real time.


How to scan a QR code on Xiaomi to connect to a Wi-Fi network?

Xiaomi devices have a very convenient built-in feature with which you can quickly provide access to the known WiFi network. Just go to the settings of Wi-Fi connections and click on the network to which your phone is currently connected. Then a QR icon will appear. Please read it with another phone; it automatically gets the connection password.

Why won’t the QR code scan?

The reason could be bad lighting and a dirty camera lens. It is possible that the code itself is not working or there was a malfunction in the scanner application.

What should I do if my Xiaomi camera doesn’t read the QR code?

Follow the advice from the above answer. Also, try to use another program and reboot the phone. Make sure that the camera is working correctly.

Where to find the QR code on the phone Mi A1, A2, A3?

Smartphones on pure Android are not equipped with a built-in scanner, so you will have to download third-party applications from Google Play. The best variants of such programs are presented in the article.

What is the difference between QR and barcode?

QR is a two-dimensional matrix code that can encode various information. And barcodes are only used for goods.

Now you know how to read QR codes on Xiaomi smartphones. We hope that this article was useful. If you have any additional questions – write in the comments.

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