How to Create a Mi-Account on Xiaomi

The gadgets of the Chinese company Xiaomi have gained immense popularity among users worldwide and have repeatedly topped the ratings. The manufacturers do not stop there, and recently there has been another innovation – the MI account. It is an analog of the Google account but has some significant differences. Accordingly, people have a counter question: how do you create a Mi account on a Xiaomi smartphone quickly and safely?

Mi-account: what it is and why it is needed

Mi account is a Xiaomi account, which is necessary to synchronize all devices from this company. With one account, you can manage several devices: phones, tablets, fitness trackers, smart watches, smart scales, gyro scooters, and more.

  1. You get access to Mi Cloud storage, where you can easily save important documents, photos, and audio without taking up space on the built-in memory. Users are given a fixed amount of 5 gigabytes. But for an additional fee, this figure can be increased.
  2. There is a great chance of finding the phone after losing it using the tracking system on another device with a registered account.
  3. Handy widgets: notes, calendar, detailed weather forecast, and clock are always at hand.

Registering a Mi account on your Xiaomi phone

Next, we’ll look at 4 easy ways to create a new Xiaomi account.

Through settings

This is the easiest and most common registration type, where truthful data is required.

  1. Open the “Settings” section on your phone, see the “Accounts” line at the bottom and “Mi Account” under it.
  2. Click, and in the window that appears, we are given a choice to create a profile: via a sim card, external number, or mailbox. For example, let’s take mail. Once all the required fields are filled in, click “Login”.
  3. Then it happens differently: in most cases, you need to confirm the mail, but sometimes you can do without it. If the registration were successful, you would receive a notification, and in the future, the email address will act as a login, as on other sites.

Using your phone number

Let’s look at another available option, not much different in principle from the first.

  1. Repeat the structure of the first method (see screenshots from point 1): “Settings” – “Accounts” – “MI Account”.
  2. Once again, you will see the familiar screen. Below the password, there should be “Other login methods”.
  3. Click on it, and you will see the possibility of registering using the phone number. But here it can be different: the main option – the cell phone, and in “Other ways” – already e-mail. This is strictly individual on each operating system and different device models.
  4. After correctly entering your real number (country code is not dialed), we should be asked permission to access the device’s memory. Click “Allow” and the registration process is completed successfully.

Through the browser on the computer

This method is the last and also one of the easiest, so it should not be difficult. You can use the screenshots as an example.

  1. Login to the site to register at
  2. Under the login button, click on“Create account“.
  3. Choose your country of residence, preferably specifying the real data.
  4. Then choose how you want to create an account: via email or phone number. We recommend using the phone number, so the account will be better protected, and in the case of something, you can quickly restore the password.
  5. After confirming the number or mail and, if desired, make additional settings within the account itself.

If you know any new ways to create a branded Xiaomi account – write about it in the comments.


Can my Mi account be hacked?

Unfortunately, absolutely all accounts have this possibility, regardless of the type. A good unique password and a truthful phone number/email address will reduce the risk of hacking to a minimum.

How do I completely delete this account and unlink it from my phone?

Yes, it shouldn’t be too hard if you remember your password. You can also use our article on proper deletion.

What to do if I forgot my login password?

You need to use the “Password Recovery” option or the article on restoring access to your Mi account.

Now you know that the registration process for a new Mi-account is quite fast. But the benefits of this account are huge, and all you have to do to get them is to follow the above instructions.

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