How to Create a Hidden Folder on Xiaomi and Redmi

In today’s world, information privacy is very important, especially on phones. Software developers know this situation, which is why you can find many lockers and hiders in the Play Store. But in MIUI, everything can be done with built-in features. So now, let’s break down how to create a hidden folder on Xiaomi.

Creating secret folders in MIUI

  1. To hide from the eyes of others an entire section in the internal memory, you only need the standard application “Explorer”. It is available in all versions of MIUI.
  2. You need to open the file manager and go to the “Device” tab. In the open data list, long tap on the desired item to select the directory.
  3. Next, select “More”. In the open submenu, select “Hide” and agree to remove the partition from visibility in the list of explorer objects.
  4. MIUI will show the process of encrypting the contents. After it’s finished, you’ll be able to find the hidden folder on your Xiaomi phone in a special section of the internal memory.

It is worth noting that the process of hiding partitions works globally. That is, the data becomes invisible and inaccessible. Including in other applications that work with the device’s memory, file pickers, which are called from the applications, the content will not be visible even when connecting the smartphone to the PC by wire.

How to find a hidden folder on Xiaomi

Now let’s figure out where the private folder on Xiaomi we have created is. Access to it can only be done from the regular application “Explorer”. You need to open it and go to the “Device” tab to do this. Put your finger at the beginning of the list of files, and pull it down until a notification shows the hidden storage. After all the settings, the device will ask you to enter a pin code or a security key. They will be used to access the hidden partition.

If the phone has not previously been configured to synchronize internal memory with the Xiaomi Cloud, the device will offer to do it. This is a necessary measure introduced by the manufacturer’s security policy. Hiding and encryption will not work if files or directories are not imported to the Cloud.

Deleting data from a folder

  1. To clear secret folders, open the same “Explorer” application and go to the hidden files.
  2. Select one or more directories by holding down on the necessary line. A menu with the item “Delete” will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The system will notify you that the deletion will be irrevocable, and after confirmation, they will be deleted from the internal memory. This action cannot be undone. The files can be found in the cloud storage.

Third-party applications

The built-in functionality of the Android system allows you to remove directories from visibility “out of the box”. To do this, install any file manager from the app store. For example, you can use Solid Explorer.

  1. After installing the application, run it, and all directories in the internal memory are displayed in a list. A long press on any directory will create an interaction menu where you must click on the pencil icon.
  2. A dot is added before the name in the open rename window, and the changes are applied.
  3. The section will immediately disappear from view. At the same time, the display of invisible data can be enabled in the settings. To do this, click on the triple dot in the upper-right corner. In the menu that opens, select the “Folder Options” option and check the “Show hidden files” checkbox
  4. The visible area will be refreshed instantly. The user will see all directories removed from visibility appear again in the general list.

A similar trick works with all file managers, including system file managers. Each of them has settings for displaying hidden files. This is a standard functionality, which is built into the phone system itself.

The important point is that when you connect your smartphone to the PC, this section will be visible along with the others because Windows has no restrictions on the names of files and directories. Therefore, before creating a hidden folder on Xiaomi, you must consider whether the directories need to be encrypted.


There are also specialized “higher”, but it is better not to use them, as many of them are viral software that steals data or spoils them. This is especially true of free programs with low ratings and negative reviews.

If you need to hide your data more securely, offloading it to the cloud is a better choice. The level of encryption and protection of cloud technologies is higher. Only the owner of the files will have access to them.

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