APK (Android Package Kit) is a special file format consisting of the archived codes of Android applications. The developers conveniently package all program components into a single file. This is the so-called APK.

Despite the name, you can open this file on your phone and with a special program on your computer. You can unzip the source components through some services and get full access to them. It is so convenient to study the structure of applications, adopt some elements of code and design, and then transfer them to your project.

And where can you download these APK files from? First, from the standard Google Play application store. Almost all mobile software developers download programs there. But there is a nuance – the unzipping of files is automatic, so it is very problematic to get the original APK. The user must not perform additional actions to install an application except by clicking on the appropriate button.

But if the application is downloaded from a third-party site, the entire installation and unpacking of the APK file take place in semi-automatic mode. A person must consent to install the program, agree to all the terms and conditions, and wait for the procedure to complete.

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