Live Wallpapers on Xiaomi (MIUI)

Usually, standard themes are installed on the desktop, which look minimalistic and does not distract the user. But sometimes you want to experiment with the home screen. This article will teach you how to download and install live wallpapers on Xiaomi (MIUI).

What is a live wallpaper?

Dynamic wallpapers are screensavers for the phone screen with animated effects. The animation changes in real-time. There are many interactive pictures, from intricate moving patterns to natural phenomena.

Live wallpapers from Google Play are editable. In the settings, you can specify the effects’ duration, speed of movement, and intensity. Some screensavers are mini-games.

Pros and cons

Before installing video wallpapers on Xiaomi, please familiarize yourself with their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros include:

  • beautiful animation that decorates and highlights the desktop;
  • calming effect of water, rain, snow, etc. is depicted;
  • presence of useful elements (for example, animated clocks);
  • display of real weather conditions in your area.

There are minutes, too:

  • rapid battery drain;
  • distracting animation;
  • freezes are possible;
  • use of RAM and permanent memory;
  • separate download and installation.

How to download and install animated wallpapers on Xiaomi

Live wallpaper can be an app application, unlike the standard wallpaper. That is, they are installed as normal third-party applications. But there are also more simplified options in the theme store.

Via Google Play

Google Play has the largest selection of dynamic wallpapers on various topics.

  1. To find the images you’re interested in, enter a keyword into the search engine, such as winter animation. Or look through all the available options.
  2. Open the picture you like and click “Install”. After a successful installation, go to the desktop, where we look for an icon of a new application. Run.
  3. The interface and language of the applications are different, but everywhere there will be a function “Set Live Wallpaper”. Click on it. A preview will be loaded. If you are satisfied, click “Set Wallpaper”.
  4. Click “Settings” to change the effects. This will open a page where you select the background, enable/disable the particular effect, and increase or decrease its intensity, size, and speed.

For example, we used the “Rain” live image, which can be downloaded from the link above. All other animated screensavers from Google Play are downloaded, installed, and adjusted according to the same scheme.

Video wallpapers from an archive

Download MIUI Wallpaper Pack.

You can immediately download a folder with about 80 live wallpapers for Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco. Download the archive from the attached link. Then its contents, namely the folder “videowallpaper“, you need to unpack to the folder “MIUI“, which is located on the internal drive. Make sure to enable the display of hidden files in Explorer before doing this.

After doing this, go to the application “Themes” – “Personal Profile”. Open “My Live Wallpaper”. There will be all the materials from the downloaded archive. Click “Install” and specify where you want to see the screensaver.

The advantage of such an archive is that you do not need to search for and download wallpaper separately. The folder already contains many options for every taste, which you only need to install.

Themes app

  1. Go to “Themes” – “Wallpaper”. Now click on the colored rotating icon “Wallpapers“. Browse through the options.
  2. Open the wallpaper you like and click “Download” at the top to turn on or off the sound. After downloading, tap “Install” and choose a location.
  3. Go back to the desktop and enjoy the result.

Custom Wallpapers

You can also download dynamic screensavers from third-party sites. On XDA, there are live wallpapers for MIUI 13, 12, and 11. Users develop them, so failures are not excluded.

  1. So, download the wallpaper from the link, usually at the bottom of the screenshot. The file must have apk resolution.
  2. Install it like a standard application.
  3. After that, you’ll need the Google wallpaper app.
  4. Open the item “Live wallpaper”. There will be the screensaver that you downloaded.
  5. Click “Install wallpaper“.

In this way, put any third-party live wallpaper on the MIUI lock screen or desktop (as long as they are in apk format).

Top 15 best live wallpapers on MIUI

We have compiled a selection of the most interesting screensavers you can download from the theme store. Just enter the name in the search engine of the application.

  1. Rain V. Unobtrusive raindrops.
  2. Pure Blue Word. Grey-blue clouds float swiftly across the sky and are reflected in the water.
  3. Shine. Pulsating screen effect.
  4. Night lights. Live wallpaper for Xiaomi with a planet at night.
  5. Super cute cat. Animated kitten.
  6. Lunar revolution. Moon and starry sky.
  7. Jupiter. A popular screensaver with Jupiter.
  8. Square tunnel. Luminous geometric shapes.
  9. Snow V A sunny winter day in the woods.
  10. Lazy dog. Funny blinking dog.
  11. City reflection. Skyscrapers reflect in the water.
  12. Particles V Minimalistic wallpaper in lilac tones.
  13. Prince. Anime-style snowy theme.
  14. Colored balloons.
  15. Blue Particles. Very beautiful flowing animation.

How to create your live wallpaper on Xiaomi

Many people are interested in how to make their live wallpaper on the phone, Xiaomi, and Redmi. This is an uncomplicated procedure, which will require a special application called Video Live Wallpaper. The software is freely available on Google Play. The program works without root rights.

  1. Download in advance the video we want to use.
  2. Download and install Video Live Wallpaper.
  3. After opening the application, click “Choose Video” and specify the file.
  4. Use the markers to set the beginning and end of the video. Click on the square in the upper right corner of the screen. The video will now load in preview mode. Click “Set wallpaper”. Done.

You can also set the video with sound. To do this, go back to the start screen and activate the “Audio is enabled” line. If you want to enable scaling, tap “Scale Fir With Crop”. As you can see, putting your video wallpaper in MIUI is very easy.

How to bring back the default wallpaper

We again need the “Themes” app. Open “Profile” – “Wallpaper”. There will be an item “System Wallpaper”. Install them in the standard way, as in the above guides.

Now let’s find out where the wallpaper is stored. If it is an apk application, you can find it in Explorer, on the desktop, or in Google Play. In all other cases, video screensavers are in the theme store.

Solutions to common problems

A black screen shows up

This happens most often if the operating system is overloaded. Remove unnecessary applications and files + clean the cache. Reboot the device.

Animation freezes

This situation is similar to the previous one. The solution methods are similar. Also, remove multitasking and unnecessary background processes. In the wallpaper, disable energy-consuming effects.

The wallpaper is not set on the lock screen

This is a common problem. Try to change the wallpaper c using the “Themes” application rather than through third-party programs. Then the error should not occur.

I can’t install wallpaper downloaded from an external site

The phone settings allow you to install from unknown sources and try again.

We told you how to set live wallpaper in MIUI. Many simple and quick methods exist to decorate your smartphone’s home screen. If you still have questions – write in the comments.

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