How to Install Magisk on Xiaomi

Experienced Android users love to experiment with their mobile devices using root rights. As a Super User, it is possible to configure the phone fully, but there are still restrictions. And to get around them, many people wonder how to install Magisk on Xiaomi. What is this utility, and what benefits from it – we will find out right now.

What is Magisk

According to the official definition, Magisk Manager is software that allows you to perform important system actions without affecting the operating system itself. In simple words, it is a “mask” for your smartphone, hiding the presence of root rights from certain services.

The most popular applications for which Magisk is used are Google Pay and banking clients.

Moreover, Magisk is an open-source application, so the user can create his add-ons based on it. But, of course, this requires good technical knowledge. Otherwise, there is a significant risk of damaging the device.

This utility also boasts the presence of special modules that will be useful for improving the Android device. The main list you will find is below.


Having installed Manager, you will surely want to expand its functionality. Various add-ons are great for this purpose:

  • Viper4Android – a terrific tool for detailed sound adjustment. You can adjust the sound via Bluetooth, during a phone call, or when listening to audio files.
  • Android Mic Fixa module similar to the previous one solves problems with bad sound.
  • CrossBreeder Lite – you will significantly increase battery life. The battery will function at maximum values.
  • Dolby Atmos – another module for Magisk, focused on working with audio files. The technology is quite extensive and useful.
  • Blobmoji is an add-on that brings back everyone’s favorite emoji from Google to the latest versions of Android. a “cosmetic” but interesting improvement.
  • App Systemizer – third-party applications become system applications. As a result, after uninstalling Magisk, all the settings and settings are saved in the programs.
  • Pixel 2 Experience – want to turn your Xiaomi smartphone into a Pixel? Then take a closer look at this module that adds the liners, icons, audio files, and cameras in Google Pixel phones.
  • Wi-Fi connection – significantly improves data transfer speeds due to the use of multiple Wi-Fi channels. It is recommended to use this module when the Internet signals are weak.

What can do

Now let’s take a closer look at the manager’s functionality. For an experienced user, it is a real boon, often facilitating the interaction with rooted Android. But, alas, there are also disadvantages. Let’s talk about them in order.


  • It’s no secret that payment operations are prohibited on phones with root rights. But by installing Magisk, you will get rid of these problems. The software will hide the Super User mode from apps, making payments via Android Pay possible again.
  • Updates via Three Dots will come without problems, especially when using global firmware.
  • Incorrect system operation caused a boot loop? This can easily be fixed by removing the changes made with Magisk Uninstaller.
  • There are a huge number of modules to choose from for different purposes.


Unfortunately, some disadvantages sometimes prevent the user from deciding to install Magisk.

  • Quite difficult to implement the application on the phone. You need good knowledge and skills if you do not want to get a “brick”.
  • Managers cannot be placed on external storage. Only internal memory is suitable.
  • Some firmware, especially custom ones, do not support Magisk.

Here we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the rooted manager. Usually the key point is the ability to use NFC Google Pay on the Xiaomi phone with root access.

Installation requirements and file downloads

So, you’ve decided to install Magisk Manager on your Xiaomi. What will you need for this? Let’s look at the most important points.

  1. The first and necessary condition is an unlocked bootloader. Without an active bootloader, nothing will work because the changes affect the kernel itself.
  2. Next comes the version of the operating system. Only Android 5.0 and higher is suitable. But this, we think, is not a problem since almost all Xiaomi models now run on seven, eight, or nine.
  3. We will also need the recovery. It is through TWRP or CWM that the archive manager will be installed.
  4. The next important issue is to download the file itself. We strongly recommend choosing the archives from the official Magisk or GitHub website.

Installing Magisk on your Xiaomi phone


  • Download and install the Magisk Manager app (APK).
  • Download and install through the Magisk Recovery framework.

Download better from Github. This page immediately shows the latest updates and provides a quick download. The link above (4 points).

And finally, practice – how to install Magisk? Let’s take the operation of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro as an example. Run the previously downloaded file. Install the application in the standard way, then open it. In front of us is a ready-made manager, but without root rights, it is a practically useless program.

So go to the “Install” section and click “Set MagiskSU”. After downloading the archive, you must put your phone into recovery mode. To do this, press the power button and the volume rocker up.

Here we get to TWRP. Here we pay attention to the tab “Install”. Tap on it and specify the path to the downloaded archive. Then we wait for the files to be installed and use the “Reboot” button. We restore the device to the standard operating state. Done. Our device gets the extended root rights called MagiskSU.

After getting acquainted with the installation instructions, don’t hesitate to perform the same actions on your phone. Make sure in advance that you have all the necessary knowledge. Remember that the editorial office is not responsible for your actions!

How to hide ROOT using Magisk

After the installation, you should activate the most popular function of Magisk on Xiaomi – hiding root rights. To do this, go to the manager settings, and move the slider to the mode “On” opposite Magisk Hide”. A new item of the same name appears in the program menu.

Go to it and check the applications from which you want to hide the Super User mode. Of course, these programs and games must be pre-installed on the mobile device. Then we restart the device. That’s all. Now you know how to hide root rights properly.

How to correctly uninstall Magisk (version 15.3+)

The utility has not satisfied you, and you want to get rid of it? There is no problem here because many options exist to correctly and safely uninstall Magisk.

The first and easiest way is to remove the software from the application. To do this, open the manager and click “Uninstall” – “Complete uninstall”.

There is a more complicated option, which is suitable for experienced users. Download an add-on called Magisk Uninstaller Ulility in the form of an archive, and go to recovery. We place the downloaded file in “Install” and restart the smartphone. The next time you start, the manager will no longer be there.

Solutions for frequent problems

Alas, not always the implementation of Magisk Manager goes quickly and easily. But you should not despair if any problems occur. Most of them can be solved in just a few clicks.

What to do if Magisk is not installed

The program may not install for some broad reasons. It is not always possible to determine the factor of the problem at the first time, so first of all, pay attention to such moments:

  1. Root rights are already present on the device. In this case, Manager will not install it. Uninstall SuperSU and repeat the procedure.
  2. The phone doesn’t meet the specified requirements. The bootloader is not unlocked, or the version of the operating system is lower than Android 5.0. Update and activate the bootloader.
  3. File downloaded from a suspicious source. It is possible that you have downloaded a cracked or broken archive. Delete those files, scan them with your antivirus, and download the materials again.

The root doesn’t work from time to time

If you started noticing root rights not working properly, reinstall Magisk for starters. You may have made some mistakes during the initial procedure, which caused the Super User mode to work intermittently.

Reinstalling didn’t help? In that case, pay attention to the availability of a utility package called BusyBox. This software is present in some custom firmware and interferes with root rights. You can remove the tool in the advanced manager settings.

After installing the module, Xiaomi goes into a boot loop

A common situation occurs when a certain module conflicts with the phone. There is only one way out – delete the problematic add-on without touching Magisk itself. To do this, re-flash the module via Recovery, which will remove it without any problems.


Where does Magisk store its updates and modules?

You can find them in /sdcard/MagiskManager.

Magisk Manager has an error after updating, what should I do?

Clear the utility data and try the update again. Or reinstall Manager completely.

Error during module download: Invalid update channel

Your Internet connection causes this problem. Try to use VPN. Also, you can choose the update source: stable channel, Beta channel or third party.

Can I install Magisk on Xiaomi Mi A3?

Yes, all models from the Android One line support Magisk.

Today we discussed the process of getting Magisk on Xiaomi smartphones. Yes, it’s quite a difficult procedure, requiring extreme care and caution. But if you follow all the instructions and recommendations, there will be no problems. If you have any problems with the manager – contact us in the comments. We will always help. Good luck!

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