Bluetooth is a modern technology based on the wireless transmission of data. It can share files, images, music, and videos. Initially, this type of communication was developed to control the movement of unmanned vehicles, but the technology did not receive support from society in this area.

But because of this development, users can listen to music in wireless headphones and connect smart watches and other equipment to their phones. There are several generations of Bluetooth, each of which differs in a certain speed of information transfer. Today, the modern standard is Bluetooth 5.0. It allows you to maintain a stable connection at a distance of up to 20 meters.

As for smartphones, even the most budget models are equipped with the necessary module. Although, without it, phones can work and perform their main task – to make calls. To turn on Bluetooth, you need to follow the following instructions: “Settings” → “Bluetooth” → “Enable Bluetooth”.

You can also activate the desired option through the quick-access curtain.

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