How to Update Xiaomi to MIUI 11

on October 16, 2019, the global version of MIUI 11 was announced. This article will tell you how to update Xiaomi to MIUI 11 (“by air”, using Recovery or Fastboot). You will also find the official list of models, the date of their update, and the main innovations of the shell.

What’s new in MIUI 11

The full list of new features has been described in the MIUI 11 China and MIUI 11 Global announcement news. Here we will briefly mention the main changes:

  • Always on Display. The mode got new dynamic screensavers and elements. You can display your entries on the screen. AOD is only relevant for smartphones with AMOLED displays.
  • Sounds of nature. They can be set on the ringtone, notifications, and alarm clock. There is the sound of fire, water, rain, leaves, and birds singing.
  • Dark theme. Special system design in black tones designed to save battery power. It can be used in some applications (e.g., Explorer). The selection of standard themes and wallpapers has also been expanded.
  • Mint Keyboard and MilanPro font. Oriented for more than 25 languages, especially suitable for Latin, hieroglyphics, and Hindi. The new font automatically adjusts to the size of the letters, making it easier to read text.
  • Parental controls. You can monitor your child’s activities on the phone using the Google Family Link app. Specifically: control access to Google services, remotely monitor the phone, and set time limits.
  • Quick replies. Quick replies are set up for notifications from messengers and social networks. This is a good solution for busy users.
  • Game acceleration. The Game Turbo tool frees up space on your device and accelerates apps in real-time.

Feature comparison with MIUI 10

Now let’s compare the past MIUI 10 shell with MIUI 11, highlighting the main points:

  • The system launcher hasn’t changed much. MIUI 11 has redrawn icons. They also look larger compared to MIUI 10.
  • The settings menu is designed in a minimalistic style. No unnecessary details.
  • The update to MIUI 11 brought new items such as “Digital Wellbeing” and “Special Features.”
  • MIUI 11 firmware has smoother animations, fixes system flaws and bugs + updated the Android security system.

Full list of phones that will receive the update

After reviewing the new features and chips, let’s find out which phones will get the eleventh shell from Xiaomi and on which Android.

The release date for MIUI 11 Global Stable is 10/16/2009. The release schedule is divided into three waves:

  • Phase one – October 22-31;
  • The second phase – supposedly November 4-12;
  • The third phase – presumably November 13-29.

Please note! The official website only gives the exact date of the first phase. For the second and third waves, we can’t say with certainty what date the firmware distribution will start. The update list to MIUI 11 is official!

Model: Release date: Android Version: Update Wave:
Mi 9 March, 2019. Android 10 2
Mi 9 SE March, 2019. Android 10 1
Redmi K20(Mi 9T) June, 2019. Android 10 1
Redmi K20 Pro (Mi 9T Pro) June, 2019. Android 10 2
Mi 9 Lite September, 2019. Android 9 2
Mi 8 Pro September, 2018. Android 10 1
Mi 8 June, 2018. Android 10 1
Mi 8 Lite September, 2018. Android 9 1
Mi MIX November, 2016. Android 8.1 2
Mi MIX 2 September, 2017. Android 9 2
Mi MIX 2S April, 2018. Android 10 1
Mi MIX 3 November, 2018. Android 10 1
Mi 6 April, 2017. Android 9 2
Mi Note 3 September, 2017. Android 9 2
Mi Note 2 November, 2016. Android 8.1 2
Mi Max 2 June, 2017. Android 8.1 2
Mi Play December, 2018. Android 9 2
Redmi Y3 April, 2019. Android 9 1
Redmi Note 7 January, 2019. Android 10 1
Redmi Note 7S May, 2019. Android 9 1
Redmi Note 7 Pro March, 2019. Android 10 1
Redmi 7 March, 2019. Android 9 1
Redmi 7A June, 2019. Android 9 3
Redmi Note 8 September, 2019. Android 9 3
Redmi Note 8 Pro September, 2019. Android 10 3
Redmi 8 October, 2019. Android 9 3
Redmi 8A September, 2019. Android 9 3
Redmi 6 Pro July, 2018. Android 9 2
Redmi 6 Android 9 2
Redmi 6A June, 2018. Android 9 2
Redmi Note 6 Pro October, 2018. Android 9 3
Redmi Note 5 Pro February, 2018. Android 9 2
Redmi Note 5 March, 2018. Android 9 2
Redmi S2 (Y2) May, 2018. Android 9 2
Redmi Note 5A (Y1 Lite) November, 2017. Android 8.1 2
Redmi Note 5A Prime (Y1) November, 2017. Android 8.1 2
Redmi 5 Plus February, 2018. Android 9 2
Redmi 5 December, 2017. Android 8.1 2
Redmi 5A December, 2017. Android 8.1 2
Redmi Note 4x February, 2017. Android 7.1 2
Redmi 4X May, 2017. Android 7.1 2
Pocophone F1 August, 2018. Android 9 1

Notes. Some devices may update a little earlier than the specified deadline, and that’s perfectly normal. For example, my Redmi 7A received the global stable MIUI 11 on October 17, but it was not scheduled before November.

As for the Android version, there may be slight changes. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an official list of phones that will get Android 10.

How to install MIUI 11 on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones

Found your phone in the device list? It’s about time to find out how to install MIUI 11. There is a way to update over the air through custom recovers or fastboot.

Over-the-air update

The easiest and fastest option. When a new build of MIUI comes out, it automatically flies to the device. The only condition is a global shell. If you have a custom, localized, or flashed Chinese one, there will be no “over the air” update.

So, to check the availability of the update and download it, go to “Settings” and visit the item “About the device”. Then click “System update ” – “Check update”.

If a new firmware version has appeared for your smartphone, the phone will offer to download it. After downloading, press “Update Now”. We wait. User intervention is not required. The firmware will install itself.


We have a separate article that will tell you how to install the firmware through the custom properly recovers. The user will need the following:

  1. A downloaded assembly in .zip format. We recommend downloading MIUI 11 firmware only from the manufacturer’s website. No third-party sources unless you are sure of their reputation.
  2. Unlocked bootloader. The bootloader must be active. Otherwise, third-party recovery will not install. Find instructions to unlock the bootloader here.
  3. TWRP or CWM Recovery. We recommend using TWRP-recovery because it is more functional and easy to use.

Via Fastboot (MiFlash)

Alternative variant. There’s also a special article where you’ll find a full manual on flashing with all the necessary links, our recommendations, and solutions to possible problems. To put MiYuay 11 via Fastboot, you need the following:

  1. Unlock the bootloader;
  2. Install Mi Flash utility;
  3. Download the archive with the firmware;
  4. Enter Fastboot mode on the smartphone.

How to become a beta tester (Mi Pilot)

An experienced user can participate in the Mi Pilot project and test MIUI 11 for free. Both MIUI 11 Beta and MIUI 11 Global Stable are available.

Owners of smartphones participating in the test receive updates 2-3 weeks earlier than normal users. The conditions are very simple: check the firmware for bugs, glitches, and crashes and periodically report them in your report.

To participate in Mi-Pilot, you must apply by filling in the required fields. If the developers approve you, you immediately receive notifications and can start testing Miuay.

Detailed information can be found on the Mi Community forum in the appropriate branch. The official data and links are provided there.


Installed MIUI 11, but no dark theme

Features will not necessarily appear immediately in new builds. Some innovations arrive on the smartphone earlier, some later. The dark theme will necessarily appear with new builds.

Not getting updates by air, what to do?

Make sure that you have stable global firmware. There will be no update if you have localized, localized, Chinese. The only way out is to self-install Global Stable (requires an unlocked bootloader).

Is it worth upgrading from MIUI 10 to MIUI 11?

If you want to try new options, improvements, and an updated security system – worth it.

Today we discussed the new firmware and reviewed the list of Xiaomi and Redmi phones that will get MIUI 11. Write in the comments if you’re going to upgrade and which method you prefer!

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