Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a special virtual assistant that can execute user commands. For example, you need to set the alarm for tomorrow morning. Then tell the Assistant about it, not forgetting to specify the exact time. To start the assistant, you need to go to the appropriate section of the browser or make a long press the “Home” button. On a Xiaomi phone, you can also go to the Mi Assistant menu and start Google Assistant.

The main features of Google Assistant are as follows:

  • Timer, weather, and alarm clock. Yes, the virtual assistant can report the temperature, and possible precipitation in your area set a timer for a certain time, and even start an alarm. All you need to access these options is to say or write the corresponding command.
  • Games and Entertainment. On the one hand, interesting, but on the other hand – a very useless function. The assistant offers you to play simple games. For example, toss a coin or start a serenade.
  • Reminders of places nearby and calls. Want to remember an important event? Ask the assistant to add a reminder. Need to find out about the nearest restaurant? Tell the assistant about it by turning on the GPS beforehand. The same applies to calls – Google Assistant can call any number.

And that’s not all the features Google Assistant has to offer.

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