How to Unlock Mi-Account on Xiaomi

A nice feature of Xiaomi phones is the presence of a branded account. Many users are happy to use such profiles and store all the necessary information there. But sometimes access is lost, and the question arises regarding how to unlock the Mi account on Xiaomi. Today we will discuss this topic and consider the most common situations.

Reasons for Mi-account blocking

  1. Quite often, problems arise after a reset. The user starts the phone, tries to log in, and sees access denied. It’s good if the fault is just a wrong password because it can be easily recovered.
  2. You can also encounter a locked account after buying a used phone. Honest sellers delete accounts in advance and sell the mobile device almost in factory condition. Therefore, always carefully check before buying smartphones from Xiaomi that have already been in use!
  3. And the most trivial reason is the inattentive user himself. Forgot the password and entered the wrong one many times? As a result, the phone is completely locked.

Official ways to unlock Mi account

First, let’s tell you how to restore your account password using simple, quick, and official methods. But unfortunately, such methods do not give a 100% guarantee the account will work.

Through support service (only with documents)

Did you buy your phone recently and keep all the documents confirming the purchase? Do you know the IMEI address of the device? Then feel free to contact Xiaomi representatives.

Check out our separate article for a step-by-step guide on sending an email to Xiaomi and finding the right email address for you. Just be prepared that the hotline isn’t solved the problem and the correspondence may take too long. After all, Xiaomi’s email receives thousands of questions, complaints, and requests from users worldwide daily.


You can unlock your device by logging into your Mi account at (formerly But this is only if you know the login and have access to the phone number or mail, but you can’t log in from your smartphone for some reason.

  1. Visit the official page and below the orange “Sign in” button, click on “Forgot password?
  2. At the linked number or email, we get a code with confirmation, which we enter in a special box. Alas, without a phone number or email address will not work.
  3. Then we come up with a new strong password.
  4. We take the smartphone and enter the updated login data. The lock should be removed if you have done everything correctly.

Buying a used Xiaomi phone (contact the seller)

Again, lastly, let’s look at the most trivial way to solve the problem. When buying a device by hand, call the seller and clarify the issues regarding the blocked account. If the person is in good faith, he will tell you the login details.

If the seller does not answer and the smartphone is blocked, you can even write a complaint to law enforcement. After all, you were sold a useless device that did not work.

Unofficial ways to unlock Mi account

None of the above methods did help. Then there’s only one way out – proceed to unofficial, complicated, but effective unlocking procedures.

Deleting all Mi services from Xiaomi via TWRP

An unlocked bootloader is mandatory here. Also, you can’t do without the custom recovers. If you don’t have TWRP yet – read our detailed instructions and install a great software project.

Next is a special zip archive with a script to remove all Mi services. Look for the download link below! Throw it on the phone (connect the device to the computer) and switch it to recovery mode. To do this, press the volume up key and the power button.

Click on the “Install” section and specify the path to the previously downloaded archive. Deleting the account and other services will begin, after which you will most likely be able to use the unlocked phone again.

The device will reboot, and you will see the main screen without a login window.

Flashing persist.img file in EDL mode

Also a good option with not too many complicated operations.

  1. Download the flash file for your phone model and set the handset to EDL mode. Remove the img file from the archive.
  2. Then using Fastboot, enter the following commands: fastboot erase persist, fastboot flash persist.img, fastboot reboot.


I can’t remember my mi-account details on my POCO, what should I do?

You can use any of the methods presented in the article. As a last resort, contact a professional.

Can the service center unlock the smartphone?

Yes, but only if you present documents confirming the device’s purchase. You will also need a passport and, if necessary, a warranty card.

I want to restore access to my account through the site, but the confirmation comes to the blocked phone

There is only one way out of this situation – to replace the SIM cards with another mobile device. Or request a verification code to your email.

Today we discussed the 5 ways to unlock the Mi account if the password is forgotten. Yes, the situation is unpleasant when there is no access to your smartphone, but the problem, as we see, is easily solved. Choose the method that suits you best and try it, and we will always help with advice in the comments.

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