GUI is an acronym for “Graphical user interface“, which means graphical user interface. In simple terms, it is a special kind of interface which allows the user to perform certain actions with the computer or smartphone with the help of visual indicators. For example, to open some program, a person clicks on its icon but does not see any codes.

Programmers “disguise” complicated commands under a beautiful icon after clicking on which the code itself is executed. The graphical interface (GUI) is used in all modern operating systems, be it Android, IOS, Linux, or Windows. This allows anyone to understand the device without learning special programming languages.

Previously, all commands and operations with files were performed through the console, where special commands were entered in sequential order. Jumping from the first action to the last was not possible. Thanks to graphical elements (icons, tables, diagrams), you can jump to the very middle or end of the operation.

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