MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) is a modern standard that allows you to use the micro USB connector as an HDMI port to stream high-quality images from your smartphone. With this technology, you can stream a picture up to 4K resolution to your TV screen. Simply put, this type of pairing uses the phone as a set-top box and displays what is currently on the smartphone’s display live on the TV screen.

A special adapter is used to connect the phone to the TV. It can be either passive or active. The first option does not require any additional actions. You must connect one end of the cable to the smartphone and the other to the TV.

But the active MHL cable requires an additional power source. The cable has a special block where the power adapter is connected. In this case, the phone may not support MHL technology, but it must be on TV. You can use the MHL Checker to determine if your phone supports the MHL connection.

Install it from Google Play and click the “Check” button. After the scan is complete, check the result in the Result panel.

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