MIUI is a proprietary firmware (shell) implemented in smartphones by Xiaomi. This shell allows you to change the standard design of the operating system Android, adding new options and useful modes. The main difference lies in the absence of menus with applications, because of which all installed programs are placed on the desktop. However, with the release of Android 10, the developers of MIUI began to test this menu again. The firmware is updated regularly, and the manufacturer keeps track of bugs and bugs that appear.

There are several varieties of MIUI firmware, which are designed for different regions.

  • China.
  • Global.
  • EU.
  • RU.
  • India.

There are also stable and beta firmware versions for each region. In weekly updates (MIUI Beta), developers test new features and give access to early features (which will appear in stable builds after some time).

Each new update has its build number. In the code, you can find the firmware version, the region for which it is released, and the smartphone model for which the update is released. When you first start the device, you will be able to notice that some applications are already pre-installed in the system. These will be branded programs from Xiaomi and Google. Here is a sample list of pre-installed system applications:

  • SMS and calls;
  • voice recorder;
  • QR-code scanner;
  • compass;
  • calculator;
  • clock (alarm, stopwatch, timer);
  • screen recording;
  • FM-radio;
  • Mi remote control (to control the equipment through the IR port);
  • Security (responsible for garbage cleaning and system protection);
  • Themes (branded theme store for MIUI);
  • weather;
  • MIUI browser;
  • standard set from Google (YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Market, Maps, Disc).

The firmware is one of the most popular, and the number of devices working with it is increasing yearly. 

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  1. The font sizes on the MIUI 14 (and I assume other versions) do not have a “medium” choice between large and small. Hence the size is either too big or too small. I cannot find a fix for it. If Xiaomi do not fix this bug, they will shoot themselves in the foot..

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