How to Hide Apps on Xiaomi

Many programs on the desktop are not needed for daily use (for example, pre-installed services). You can hide them from the home screen. So today, let’s find out how to hide apps on Xiaomi using a system function and third-party utilities and how to regain access to the removed app icon.

What are hidden apps?

Hidden apps on Android are not visible on the home screen, as if they were not installed. You can access such apps by using a special gesture and entering your password.

The reasons for hiding apps from the desktop are as follows:

  • Protection from prying eyes. For example, you do not want this or that person to know about using a particular application.
  • Privacy of payment services. Attackers can easily access your electronic wallets and online banking accounts if your mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Order on the screen. There are useless or technical utilities that are used very rarely. Nevertheless, they take up space and are constantly conspicuous. Just hide the shortcuts of unnecessary applications.

If you want to activate this option for security, but you use the program regularly, it’s better to just set a password. That way, you’ll get to the app faster. At the same time, it will be securely protected.

How to hide applications on the phone Xiaomi and Redmi

The procedure is carried out in the system settings. Hiding apps do not require additional programs. But there are also options with third-party tools. Let’s talk about them in the next paragraph.

Step 1: Open the “Applications” section and go to the “Protect Applications” tab.

Step 2: The first time you run the option, you must enter a security code. You can choose from a picture key, a four-digit numeric combination, or a full password of different characters. Repeat the security item twice and click “Next“. In the next window, link the Mi account to reset the password, or refuse.

The system will ask for the password once and skip further if the feature has been activated.

Step 3: A prompt to set up face unlock appears. This is a quick and convenient option, but Face ID is easy to hack – anyone with a similar appearance will gain access to your smartphone. Accept or reject the system recommendation.

Step 4: When the organizational points are passed, click on the top item “Hide apps”. Below is a list of applications whose icons can be removed from your workspace.

How to find hidden apps

Go back to the home screen and make a certain gesture on display: spread your fingers apart as if you wanted to zoom in. You’re prompted to type in your password. After you enter it correctly, you see a folder with hidden application shortcuts. Tap on the desired icon, and the program opens.

How to get everything back

Once again, visit Settings on Xiaomi to unhide apps. Uncheck the checkboxes you’ve checked. If you want to completely turn off the protection feature, click the gear in the top right corner and deactivate the slider next to the first item of the same name. Confirm your choice.

Additional features

Two more interesting options help make hiding apps more comfortable for a particular user. Namely, lock mode and disabling notifications.

You can choose when the app will disappear: immediately after locking the screen, when locking or exiting the program, when locking or a minute after exiting. The second trick is to disable notifications from hidden programs so that no one suspects their presence on the device.

Other ways in MIUI

The system tool quickly and easily removes apps from the screen, but it’s pretty trivial and low-functional. For example, you’ll need third-party utilities to enhance the features and hide files from Android Explorer.

Second space

An interesting option for hiding applications. It works according to the following principle:

  1. We create a second space, which is a separate desktop;
  2. Load the necessary programs, photos, videos, contacts, and files there;
  3. Set a password and return to the main screen.

In this way, you can keep specific materials secret. All confidential information is in one place, which is very convenient.


Let’s take the popular Nova Launcher as an example. It offers to hide program icons, but this feature is only available in the paid version. After installing the standard application and going to its settings, we see the inscription “Prime” near hiding shortcuts.

For Nova Launcher Prime, you have to pay about $4. For this price, the user can customize the desktop in detail to their preferences.

Apex Launcher offers free app shortcuts hiding. Install it from Google Play, set it as the default desktop, and click on the settings icon. The advanced menu opens, where you select “App Menu Settings”.

Now click on “Hidden applications” tab and check the necessary items. Confirm the action by clicking the “Save” button. Now we’re done.

Third-party applications

The most interesting functionality has separate utilities. Such programs not only hide program icons but also mask themselves and hide photos, contacts, folders, and files.

Today we will consider three interesting tools: Smart Hide Calculator, App Hider, and LOCKED, which are freely available on Google Play – no need to search the Internet and download them from suspicious sources. They are free, but some require an activated Super User mode.

Individual app options

Let’s learn more about the above programs and consider the basic functionality.

Hide a folder/file in Explorer

Smart Hide Calculator will do a great job with this. It is made in the form of an ordinary calculator, and to get access to the main features, you need to enter a code. The utility can hide certain folders and files. You can also set up permission locking. For example, you can hide only png photos.

It’s pretty hard to recognize that a security application is hiding under the guise of a calculator, so you can be sure of data security.

System Explorer also has a function to hide a specific folder. Go into the manager, click on a particular file, and click “Hide”. Could you enter the password for your My Account? You can see the hidden materials in a separate tab, “Hidden files”.

Hide photos in Gallery

To protect photos and videos, App Hider, also made in the style of a calculator, is ideal. The working principle is simple:

  1. We go in and type supposedly on the calculator a six-digit password;
  2. Specify the images and videos you want to protect;
  3. Check the Gallery and make sure the hidden content is gone;
  4. Log in to the App with the password, and get access to all the hidden information.

Root rights are not required. The only downside is a lot of annoying ads. LOCKED performs similar functions, so you can choose between it and App Hider. There is no special difference.

Again, the system Gallery has the same function. Choose a photo, and click “Add to album” in the menu “Hidden album”. Confirm the action by the password.

Hide contacts

If you need to remove contacts from the phone book, look at Hide Phone Number. It uses the standard protection as a password without a calculator. You can hide any subscriber and any ongoing calls. The interface is simple. Root rights are not needed, as well as an additional fee.


How to hide apps on Mi A3?

Pure Android phones have a system hiding function, but it is very limited compared to MIUI. You can only hide system apps but can’t use them while hiding. You have to turn off the option to get into them. So, visit Settings – All apps. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Click Hide system apps.

Can I password-protect an app and hide it at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. You will need to enter the code twice.

Will the hiding be automatically deactivated after rebooting the phone?

No, the apps will be hidden even if you turn the smartphone off and then turn it back on. The option is automatically deactivated only when you reset to factory settings.

Now you know whether you can hide apps on Xiaomi and what methods exist. Our instructions and recommendations will work for any model of Xiaomi and Redmi on MIUI. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the comments.

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