PAI is a personal activity assistant. The technology developer is Huami because Amazfit devices were equipped with it before their competitors. Today it has reached Mi Band devices, appearing for the first time in the fifth generation of the tracker.

The point of the feature is to keep the PAI level above 100 each week. On the seventh day, the system automatically rates the user based on gender, weight, height, heart rate, and exercise intensity.

The calculation algorithm is as follows:

  1. For the smartwatch wearer’s very first activity, he or she gets a minimum score.
  2. At the next training session, it is required to increase the intensity to get more points.
  3. You can gain 100 points if you increase your activity with each new training session.

A PAI score of 100 is the recommended value for keeping anyone fit.

The maximum number of points scored equates to 40 minutes of intense training. The heart rate should be 85% of the maximum value.

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