How to Find a Lost Xiaomi Phone

The modern user cannot imagine life without a phone because the necessary materials are always at hand, which is an undeniable plus. But by carrying the device with you everywhere, the risk of losing it increases. Therefore, many are interested in how to find a lost Xiaomi phone or at least remotely block access to data.


Alas, it is impossible to find your phone only with the help of GPS. To successfully find Xiaomi, you must connect with Mi Cloud and have tied your phone to your Mi account or Google account in advance.

However, if the phone is not synced with the cloud storage or Google account, you will not be able to locate it. So take care of these things as soon as you buy a new smartphone.

After registering with Mi Cloud, perform the following procedure:

  1. Visit “Settings” and go down to “Mi Account”;
  2. Select “Mi Cloud” on the new screen and activate the checkbox next to “Find Device”. Done, now in the future, if you lose your phone, you will have all chances to find it.

Note! Find a lost Xiaomi smartphone will only be possible if you have enabled Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. If the device is in “offline” mode – remote search is impossible.

How to find a lost or stolen Xiaomi phone

Let’s proceed, finally, to practice. What to do if the smartphone, for example, was forgotten in the park or it was in the hands of intruders? Do not panic because there are a lot of effective methods.

Method №1: via Mi Cloud (Mi-account)

This is the most common, fast, and convenient option for Xiaomi phones. In addition to location, you can turn on a beep, which is relevant when you lose your gadget indoors. There is also an option to lock the device and delete all data.


So, we need access to a computer or tablet (as long as it has a big screen). Open any browser and go to the company’s official website, namely Mi The main page of the storage appears, where you click on the white button “Sign in with Mi Account”. Next, we authorize by entering our username and password. Click “Sign in”.

A blue screen pops up with the main Mi Cloud items. Here we can notice the folders:

  • contacts;
  • photos;
  • messages;
  • notes;
  • voice recordings;
  • and settings.

We need a shortcut called “Find device”, so click on it.

Enabling GPS on your smartphone (Located)

A huge map appears on which an icon should indicate the current location of the lost smartphone. In the upper right corner is the name of the phone and its status – online or offline.

Is your mobile device disconnected from the network? Then Mi Cloud won’t be able to find it. So if your Xiaomi was stolen and the intruder intentionally deactivated the Internet, this method will not work.

Turning on the sound signal (Noise)

This command activates a fairly loud sound on the phone. This will allow you to find a lost device in the room. You only need to press the “Alarm” button.

Keep in mind that it will not be possible to disable the signal from the computer. It is necessary to find the device first because the sound can be deactivated on it.

Device Lock (Lost mode)

If your phone contains important personal information, and you don’t want it to get into the wrong hands, lock the phone remotely. You’ll need to enter a special four-digit PIN code to do this. Even if there is no internet on your phone at the time of locking, your phone will lock immediately the first time it’s connected.

Has the intruder changed the SIM card? Then you will get the corresponding warning. You can unblock the phone after successfully entering your pin code or entering the correct Mi-account username and password.

Erase data

Mi Cloud provided a very relevant in many situations option – a complete clearing of all materials stored on the phone. But this is already an extreme option when there is no chance of returning a lost Xiaomi smartphone.

To delete, click on the “Wipe” button and confirm the action by clicking on “Erase data”. You can erase both internal memory and external storage (flash drive or sd-card).

Carefully read all the warnings and complete the operation with “Delete”. That’s all. The phone goes back to the default state without the possibility of restoration.

Here the function of the cloud storage for the loss of your smartphone ends. If the device is disconnected from the Network, out of range, or Mi Cloud is not installed on it at all – see the other instructions below.

Method 2: via Google account

This is a universal option since almost every Android user has Google services installed. But the general scheme is identical. The service offers the same remote control methods: turn on the call, lock, and clear the device.

Going to Find My Device through the browser

Type in a search for Find My Device, or go directly to the official Google site. Now we authorize. An extended map appears in front of us, and on the left side, the name of the tied phone and the possible actions.

  • Lost your phone indoors? We press “Call” and go to sound. Then either on the smartphone screen, mute the signal, or in the service itself.
  • If your device is stolen, we strongly recommend that you lock it. The procedure is as simple as possible: set a new password and agree to the terms of the lock.
  • Afraid that important material will end up in the wrong hands? Then clear your device as soon as possible. To do this, click the big green “Clear Device” – “OK” button.

Going to Find My Device using the app

If you do not have a computer but another smartphone, you can try to perform remote actions through the application. Now go to Google Play and download the program.

  1. To begin, select the desired account and enter the password for the account.
  2. Next, provide permission to locate the phone. A map appears in front of us, where the current location is marked. At the bottom is the device’s name and possible actions with it. Choose what to do with the smartphone, as in the above instructions.

How to find Xiaomi if it’s turned off

So how do you find a disconnected lost phone? Unfortunately, there are a few options here, and you can not find the device alone. There are two main ways: contacting a mobile operator or the police.

Contacting a mobile operator

You can contact your nearest mobile phone operator. For example, if you have a SIM card from MTS/Vodafone, you visit that particular branch. Provide the consultants with the following information:

  • IMEI code of your smartphone. You can find it in the factory box;
  • A contract under which you purchased a SIM card;
  • Passport data.
Employees will send a request to find their smartphone directly to the operator, who will use geolocation satellites to try to locate it.

Contacting the police

A similar option, but here delays are possible. Since the police receive a huge number of statements daily about lost/stolen devices. You report the IMEI to the office, show your passport and write a statement, and provide the documents confirming the purchase of the phone (receipt, etc.)

Pay attention! If the phone turns out to be in your home, you could face a substantial fine. So before going to law enforcement authorities check all the places in the house where the phone could appear.


Is active GPS required when using Mi Cloud to find your phone?

It is required but not required. The geolocation service can be disabled, and the phone will still be found. Active Internet is the main and basic requirement.

I lost my phone in another city, how do I find it?

In your case, the chances of a successful device return are small. But it’s worth trying. So, to begin with, ask the operator to block the SIM card (mobile money should refund). And, of course, write a statement to the police department.

My stolen phone was sold to another person. Do I have the right to return it?

Such issues are resolved with law enforcement agencies.

If the thief reflashes the device, a search by IMEI will not give any results

Yes, then the IMEI number will change, and all chances for the successful return of the device will be reduced to almost zero.

Now you know that there are several working ways to find a lost Xiaomi smartphone. As you can see, it’s not always an easy and fast process, but if you take precautions beforehand, everything should work out.

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