Smart Alarm Clock

A smart alarm clock is a more functional version of an ordinary alarm clock, designed to track sleep phases and wake the user only when his body is ready for it. Such an important biological process as sleep should be present in everyone’s life, especially for athletes – they need to recover daily. The innovative feature forces modern society to adjust the day’s schedule and resume healthy sleep at night.

In the third and fourth generations of Mi Band, it was only possible to set the smart alarm clock with complex manipulations, but even in this case, the function could not work 100%. But over time, developers began to release wrist gadgets, where this option is official and fully functional. Such devices include, for example, Amazfit Bip 2 and Mi Band 7.

To date, all wrist gadgets from Xiaomi are equipped with a heart rate monitor, so it is not difficult to determine the sleep phase. They do it with maximum accuracy, triggering only at the right moment. Using a smart alarm clock, each user will be able to feel awake at the moment of waking up and during the whole day.

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