How to Delete Mi-Account From Your Xiaomi Phone

Mi-account is a distinctive feature of Xiaomi and has recently become increasingly popular. Registration usually takes no more than a couple of minutes. The same can be said about deleting the account. I no longer want to use this account, but I do not know how to delete the Mi account from the Xiaomi phone. Let’s try to figure it out.

Below I will divide the article into 2 blocks; depending on your situation, choose the right one.

Deleting account on Xiaomi and Redmi, if you have access to it

In such a case, two standard types are offered: unlinking the account or complete deletion. These methods are fundamentally different in structure:

  1. The first method unlinks the data: phone number and email address. That is, you no longer own the account, but it is on the Internet. This procedure is quite simple and the most common. You will need to know your password.
  2. The second method completely deletes the account but does not immediately unlink the number, which sometimes crashes and may ask for a password from the already non-existent MI account. Solving this problem will not be easy without the help of Xiaomi support, so it is strongly recommended to choose complete deletion as a last resort.

Don’t forget that a detached, completely deleted account and Mi Cloud cannot be recovered!

Unlinking from the device

Before starting the process, write down your unique ID (phone number or email address) and password.

  1. Go to Settings, and look for the “MI Account” section.
  2. Open this window, and at the bottom of the page, we see a gray button, “Sign out of account”.
  3. Choose what we want to do with the data: delete it or keep it in the account.
  4. Enter the password from the account and confirm the action by pressing “OK”.

Mi-account is disconnected from the smartphone but not completely deleted. You can re-access your profile from this device or another one. If you are satisfied with unlinking, this is the end of the process.

Complete deletion

To perform the second method, you must know the password and log in. If you do not remember something, immediately restore all the data and continue. Please note this method completely deletes all your Mi account data from Xiaomi servers, including the information stored in Mi Cloud.

Performing the preparatory steps

Some mandatory procedures need to be done before the full deletion. If you skip them, the phone will ask you to sign in to a no longer existing account when it starts up.

  1. On your phone, sign out of your account using the instructions above.
  2. On your computer or smartphone, go to the Mi Cloud website. Click “Sign in with Mi Account”.
  3. Enter the linked email address or phone number + password. Click the orange “Login” button.
  4. Now open the “Find device” tab. A map with the current location will appear. Click on the model, then the triple point. Choose Disconnect Find Device. Tap OK.

Done. The phone search is off. Proceed to the next step.

  1. On the same site, go to “Settings”.
  2. Scroll the page to “My Devices”. Click on the tethered phone “Delete Device”. Done.

Deleting an account

  1. Open the official Xiaomi website in your browser.
  2. Carefully enter the ID and PASSWORD, then click “Sign in”.
  3. If everything is correct, a page opens with an English-language text, a list of materials that will be permanently lost with the final deletion.
  4. In the last line, where our agreement is requested, check the box, and just below, click “Delete Mi account”.
  5. That’s it. The operation is complete.

If you can’t access your account

If you’re wondering how to delete a Mi account that you can’t access, we will have to disappoint you. There is no such method. Well, there is, but it works only in authorized service centers by specialists with the right tools.

After any method of clearing the phone data: resetting, reflashing, or deleting system files – the system will request the password from the linked accounts. Also note that after the reset, the first time you connect your Xiaomi smartphone to the network – MIUI protection will require you to enter the password from your Mi and Google accounts.

Now you know how to unlink your phone from your Mi account fully, and this process doesn’t include complicated nuances and specific problems. It is similar to, for example, deleting a page in a social network. Nothing new and unusual. It is only necessary to treat the procedure carefully and responsibly.

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