Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor is a real-time heart rate monitoring function. The technology is relevant to all wearable devices. Since the wrist gadget is always placed behind your wrist, measuring your heart rate will not be difficult.

The sensor functions based on optical technology – photoplethysmography. Its essence is reduced to counting “bursts” of blood flow per minute by the intensity of absorption of incoming light.

A pulsometer is necessary for users to get general information about their heartbeat. It also has value in:

  • measuring stress levels;
  • sleep monitoring;
  • PAI assessment.

The idea of heart-rate counting was first implemented in Philips’ Mio Alpha devices. Although it was considered a real breakthrough, the technology was still underdeveloped.

Developers of modern gadgets Mi Band and Amazfit greatly contributed in this direction. The heart rate monitors of the new models measure the indicators with maximum accuracy. In addition, they can do so both at the user’s request and automatically at certain intervals. The function can be set up through the official Mi Fit software in just a few steps – this applies to both Mi Band and Amazfit devices.

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