How to Increase Volume on Xiaomi

Quite often, users face such an unpleasant phenomenon as low sound on the smartphone. There is interference, it is impossible to make out speech, and the sound of music in headphones is quiet. In this article, we will talk about how to increase the volume on Xiaomi through the engineering menu and by changing the system files, adjusting the sound in the headphones, and checking the speaking speaker’s effectiveness without specialists’ help.

3 reasons why the phone has bad sound

The most common reason is already initially undervalued factory settings. The smartphone has its volume set, but its quality is quite poor (or low). But do not forget that the factors below often affect the sound as well:

  1. Mechanical damage. For example, the phone fell on a hard surface. The screen is not damaged, and everything works, but after some time, it became noticeable that the sound began to disappear. Unfortunately, you almost always need to go to the service center.
  2. Incorrectly set settings. The user can accidentally switch modes: “Quiet”, “Outdoors”, “On the plane”, “Meeting”, etc. Usually, everything comes back with a couple of clicks.
  3. Problem after an update. After another MIUI update (especially since it often happens on weekly firmware), you may notice a significant decrease in speaker volume, both conversational and main. There could be many reasons, but the main one is a simple bug on the developers’ side. In this case, you need to wait for a fix.

How to change the speaker volume through the engineering menu

Starting with MIUI 9.2, the engineering menu was previously completely changed. Now, this menu is used to test the components of the phone (check for dead pixels, microphone, speakers, cameras, and others). It is no longer possible to change system settings on Xiaomi in MIUI 9.2 and above via the engineering menu.

To go to the engineering menu, you need the following:

  1. Go to settings – “About phone”.
  2. Scroll down a little bit to the line “Kernel version”.
  3. Press this item 5 times. Opens the CIT menu (formerly Hardware Tests).
  4. Perform the test of the required items.

It is also possible to get to the engineering menu in the “old-fashioned way” through calls:

  1. Open Calls.
  2. Enter the code *#*#6484#*#*.
  3. After entering the last character, you will be automatically redirected to this menu.

Increasing the volume of the speakerphone

Proceed to this procedure only if you are confident in your technical knowledge. It is better to make a backup! If your gadget malfunctions after this process – immediately contact the service center.

With MIUI 9.5 and later, you only need to edit the“mixer paths”. There is no need to download anything, as you might accidentally replace important system files. Proceed directly to editing.

In order for this method to work, you need to get root permissions. If you have not got them yet, then read our guide on how to get Root Rights on Xiaomi phones.

Edit the mixer_paths_tesha file

To work, we will need any Explorer with access to system files (in our example, we use ES Explorer). Find item “Root Explorer”, go to it, and search for file mixer_paths_tesha. Open the editor.

A system code window will open in front of us. You need to find these lines:

<ctl name=”HPHL Volume” value=”11″ />

<ctl name=”HPHR Volume” value=”11″ />

The value 11 will be highlighted in red, change it to 16, save the file, and reboot the device.

If these strings are not found, search by words: HPHL Volume.

Phone region change (without root rights)

Because some countries have certain restrictions on the volume produced – Xiaomi must comply with these laws to sell their phones in their territory. So if nothing has changed after changing the system files, or if you want to increase the speaker’s volume without root rights, we advise you to use this method.

The instruction is very simple. We need only 2 minutes and standard phone settings.

  1. We go to the settings.
  2. Then we go to “Advanced settings”.
  3. Now click on “Region”.
  4. Change your region to one of the available: DPRK, Taiwan, or India.
  5. Check the volume after changing the region. It is desirable to restart the phone.
  6. If the problem is solved – correct the time zone.

Pay attention! If face unlock is implemented in your model – this feature might not work in some regions.

Volume up in headphones

This method is partly the same as above, but specifically, now we will change the values for the volume in the headphones.

  1. Open Root Explorer, and go to the line “Root Explorer”.
  2. Find the mixer_paths file (path:/vendor/etc/mixer_paths.xml), and open it.
  3. Search for the line <path name=”headphones-ce”>.
  4. If you have the European region, you must change the value from 72 to 82 (you can do higher, but you have to change a few points).
  5. After that, it is necessary to restart the phone.

If none of the above has helped, there is only one way out – the help of a specialist.

Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Look at what mode you have. It is possible that by mistake, you switched to “Quiet”, and “Meeting”. It is best to put “Standard” or “Outdoors”, then the vibration is added. Do not use the mode “On the plane” unnecessarily. Yes, with it on, applications have no ads and unnecessary spam messages, but the volume may deteriorate.
  2. Check if there is contact between the headphones and the device because the cause of the interference may be precisely the faulty headphones or dirty connectors.
  3. And the easiest thing to do: set the volume scale to the maximum. Press the volume up button, and you’re done.


After changing the region, the sound is not changed, what to do?

Maybe it’s the new update. Try to roll back.

Do I need to change the mixer paths file values if I changed the region?

No, you don’t.

Dropped phone, sound disturbed. Will your recommendations help?

It is worth trying, but most likely, mechanical damage occurred to the speaker. Contact a technician.

There is a noise, crackling. After the procedure, it went away, but the volume, on the contrary, worsened

So, as we noted above, the breakdown is mechanical.

As you can see, improving the sound on Xiaomi phones at home is not always easy but quite realistic. If you carry out the procedure correctly and carefully, following our instructions – the result will be successful.

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