VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a separate connector most often used to connect monitors and projectors. This type of connection is becoming less popular, but it can still be found in modern technology. Video Graphics Array, or D-Sub, is a fifteen-pin analog connector. It uses streaming data transfer. When you change the image’s brightness level, there is a simultaneous increase or decrease in voltage.

There are several variants of the Video Graphics Array connector, two. These are standard VGA and Mini-VGA. The second type of connector differs from the first only in its size. And externally, it looks something like a regular USB port. Regarding image transmission, VGA technology can officially display a picture at a resolution of 1080 by 1024 pixels. But in everyday life, you can see monitors with Full HD resolution. They are connected via this cable. Manufacturers are trying to move away from VGA connectors because, at too high resolutions, defects in the display of images are possible.

Through VGA, you can not transmit audio, only video. Special adapters on the market allow you to connect your phone to the monitor. But it’s more of a rarity because demand for them is minimal. VGA connection technology is gradually losing popularity as it has been replaced by more advanced connectors such as HDMI and DVI.

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