Checking Xiaomi Gyroscooter and Electric Scooter for Authenticity

The company Xiaomi, in addition to phones and “smart” technology, produces excellent vehicles. This is an ideal way to travel for sports users, and the price/quality ratio is pleasing. But how not to run into a copy? Today we will try to check the Ninebot gyroscooter and Mijia electric scooter for originality and tell you about the main signs of fakes.

Why are there so many fake Xiaomi products?

Absolutely all products from Xiaomi fraudsters are actively counterfeit. There are several reasons for this: the products of this company are very popular, the quality is at a high level, and the cost is lower than that of competitors.

Buyers are constantly looking for the next device from Xiaomi, and sooner or later, they get a low-quality fake. To avoid disappointment and waste money, follow these rules:

  • Buy gadgets only from trusted vendors and give preference to electronics chain stores.
  • Do not buy a product if you see an overly low price. Of course, all the stores periodically arrange promotions and sales, but only within 10-30%.
  • Read this article carefully, and check the gadget for authenticity.

Checking the Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter

Let’s start by looking at an e-scooter from Xiaomi, such as the popular Mijia M365 model. Scammers clone the general appearance of the device but do not pay attention to the details. So it is on the small elements we will recognize a fake. But, to begin with, it is worth connecting the electric scooter to the branded Mi Home app.

Through the Mi Home app

By installing the Xiaomi branded smart home app, you can remotely control the technology and check the device’s originality. A fake won’t connect to the app, so it’s a quick and easy way to verify the device’s authenticity.


Externally, the original looks stylish due to the monochrome: there is only black and red color. Whereas in the copy, you can notice incomprehensible blue stickers, and in the middle, the case is different in color from the outside.


The real electric scooter has brand logos on the handlebars, frame, and deck. Fakes, of course, do not have any identifying marks.

Also, on the original, you can see the drawn bar code or “Product authentication” sticker with the serial number. You can enter this information on the Mi Verify website and verify the device’s authenticity.

One color scheme

All the parts on both sides of the scooter must be the same color. The original has pure black matte elements, while the copy has silver and metallic elements. To check the color of the bolts, fold the handle (as shown in the photo).

If buying the M365 for the first time, download some photos of the electric scooter from official sources and check the image with the real machine when you buy it. Pay special attention to the design (how the frame, handlebar, and LED panel look), and look at the presence of a bell and other minor structures.

Accuracy of name

As accurately as possible, one symbol at a time, double-check the real name of the scooter and the one that is stated in the store. Unscrupulous sellers often change the letters and numbers, hoping customers will not notice it and quietly buy a fake.

There are several most common variations: SNS MiniRobot m365 or Xiaomi MiJia Electric Scooter. Here look exactly at the model you plan to buy.

Build quality

Now let’s proceed to a deeper study of the device. The appearance of a clone may not differ from the original, but the quality of the build will be different.

The presence of additional welds

Excessive welding seams are the first thing that should catch the eye. The frame of a real Xiaomi electric scooter is always solid, so if you notice a seam near the handlebars and the deck – you’re a fake.

Also, fully inspect the vehicle for joints and individual sealed parts.

The durability of the product

Fakes are made quickly, and the manufacturer does not think about the product’s quality. This is easy to detect upon inspection. In many places,, there are pieces of dried glue and scratches and dents in the material.

Turn the steering wheel and wheels: they should not squeak when moving. The control buttons on the original scooter are quick and easy to press; they are mechanical, not touch-sensitive.

The copy doesn’t have a bell; instead, it has some useless hook hanging from it. The headlights may not work either, or shine just a meter in an incomprehensible direction. The real Mijia M365 lights the road for 5-6 meters strictly in the center.

Brake system

This is a key element in an electric scooter, on which your safety depends. Under no circumstances should you ignore the performance of the braking system. Be sure to check it according to the following parameters:

  • Force of actuation. The harder you squeeze the handle, the faster the vehicle stops, and vice versa.
  • Brake response. Original scooters brake instantly. At the same time, low-quality fakes do not react immediately, which is very dangerous when riding at high speed.

The battery and the motherboard

It is almost impossible to check the device’s insides at the post office or in the store. But after the purchase, experienced users can disassemble the electric scooter and inspect the “stuffing” at home.

Pay special attention to the battery. It should be placed in a vacuum pack to protect it from moisture, as well as labeled. Each original part is always labeled with the manufacturer and the exact specifications.

Here we have told you how to check the electric scooter Xiaomi for originality and the main differences between a genuine device and a fake. And in the next paragraph, we will talk about the Ninebot gyro scooter – no less popular means of transportation.

Checking the originality of the Xiaomi Ninebot gyro scooter

Xiaomi’s gyroscooter/segway is liked by millions of users, due to which the number of copies has increased significantly. Of course, this device is not counterfeited with the same frequency as the electric scooter, so checking for originality is faster and easier.

Via the Segway-Ninebot app

You can do a quick check through the Ninebot APP app. This very useful add-on will help you understand your new gyro scooter, give you a full training session, and convince you that the product is original. There are two ways to check: just connect via Bluetooth segway (the program will not recognize a copy) and verify the serial code.


The first thing we make sure of is the presence of brand inscriptions. The Mi logo should be on the mats, charger, and stickers for fixing the battery, packaging material, and tires. Of course, the box from the original gyroscooter also has all the necessary inscriptions.

Next, we are looking for protection for the decorative caps so they are not scratched during use. It is usually the usual film, which has a glossy coating. If you want, it can be removed, but when buying such an element is mandatory (otherwise, you will get a fake)!

A genuine Segway has a marking for the bolts. This is a necessary detail that will help if the mount has shifted and the screws are in the wrong position.

When the parts inspection is done, evaluate the product’s overall appearance and compare it to the official Ninebot photos. Any serious scratches, glue marks, and sloppy design of the elements should be alert.

Assembly quality

As noted above, you must carefully examine the gyroscooter, checking the handlebars and wheels. There should not be any creaks, cracks, or jams.

Pay special attention to the mats that come with the machine. Original products are soft, pleasant to the touch, and of very high-quality rubber, which is not afraid of temperature changes, bad weather conditions, and private use. Fake mats crack after the first use, feel like rough rubber, and have a specific smell.

Steering wheel element and charger

The steering wheel should have several padded pads on the sides and 5 branded stickers. Be sure to set the steering wheel to its original position and keep it securely locked in place. There may be a slight tilt, but this is easily corrected with additional bolts.

The charger should have the Xiaomi logo, and the cable itself has a 4-pin connector. The surface of the wire is ribbed.

Remember to check the exact name of the device. Be guided by the potential model to buy. There are regular mini-sigways, PRO class mini-sigways and full-fledged gyroscooters with an increased diameter of the wheels.

Today we told you how to check the MiJia scooter and Ninebot gyro scooter from Xiaomi for originality before buying. We also have a full article on our website that checks all popular Xiaomi devices for authenticity (phones, tablets, fitness bracelets, smart watches, Power Banks, and headphones).

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