Why Battery on Your Xiaomi Phone Runs Out Quickly

The life of a modern user is hard to imagine without constant access to a smartphone. We use a mobile device for work, communication, and entertainment, and we often notice that the battery on the phone Xiaomi quickly runs down. The battery suffers from active use, but increasing its life is quite possible. How exactly – let’s find out right now.

4 reasons why the battery runs down and the phone heats up

To begin, let’s talk about the main factors that cause the rapid discharge of the battery. Immediately note that the reasons can be both software and mechanical.

Trouble after an update

Xiaomi developers work as carefully as possible on their updates, but no one can rule out bugs and bugs in new versions. Especially in the risk zone are custom and localized shells.

In addition to the usual freezes and incorrect operating system functioning, the improperly optimized Miiai affects the device’s autonomy. If you notice that the Xiaomi phone battery began to run out quickly after a new update, roll back to a previous version and wait for a good stable build.

An appeal to global developer firmware owners! Don’t hurry back to the previous version. It is quite possible that in future builds the company will successfully fix bugs, especially if they are serious.

Non-original battery/charger

On all forums and technical sites, users are urged to use only the factory device to charge the phone. And this is not just because, now, you can find thousands of low-quality fakes, which are actively sold on Chinese marketplaces and in suspicious local stores.

The price of such charging cables or batteries does not differ from the original. But it is possible to identify a copy by its external signs:

  • The cable is made of low-quality material. There are scuffs, cracks, and fingerprints;
  • The USB plug is made of several plastic parts;
  • There is no company logo or identifying elements on the battery.

If you buy the battery separately, pay attention to its capacity. Instead of the claimed 4000 mAh, there may be, for example, only 2500 mAh.

Also, carefully replace the battery carefully because modern phones are not removable and can be troublesome when disassembling the device. Read more about this procedure below.

Outdated mobile device

No matter how high quality the phone is, sooner or later, its “iron” still will not be able to cope with the increasing loads.

Take the Xiaomi Redmi 4X as an example. A few years ago, it was a real hit on the tech market, with an affordable price and high specs. Now the owners of this device increasingly begin to notice a small freeze caused by the excessive load on RAM and much shorter battery life.

And this is quite normal, given what power modern games and programs have. But what to do if there is no desire or opportunity to buy another phone? The easiest solution to the problem is to replace the battery.

Excessive workload

This includes several factors: many applications running in the background, constantly active geolocation service, and unnecessary notifications. These materials actively use the phone’s resources, reducing the charge level and slowing down the device’s functioning.

If you do not close the programs in the evening and do not turn off Wi-Fi and GPS overnight, the battery can run down by 50-70%. Many users leave the phone charging until the morning to avoid such a problem, but we do not recommend doing so. For instructions on how to properly use the battery, click here.

In the next paragraph, we will tell you how to reduce multitasking and what processes need to be deactivated to prolong battery life.

Solving the problem by installing full firmware

If the fast discharge became a concern after the next update, you should consider full firmware. What is it? We will now explain.

A full ROM is the same shell already installed on the device but much larger. Only certain files, patches, and improvements are downloaded with a standard update, but not the assembly.

The situation is different with a full firmware update: you download exactly one whole archive, which weighs up to 1-1.5 GB. This method is recommended if your device has constant bugs, slowdowns, and crashes.

  1. So, go to “Settings”.
  2. Go to the bottom of the page to the “About the phone” section.
  3. Click on “System update”.
  4. A white screen appears with an MIUI icon, and at the top of it is a triple dot with a small menu. Click here.

Pay attention to the tab “Download full firmware”, and click. If you have access to the Internet, it will automatically start downloading the zip archive and further reflashing.

A nice bonus of this method is the safety of personal information on the device. The system will not delete your photos, videos, contacts, and applications. The procedure will go as quickly and easily as an ordinary scheduled update.

What to do if Xiaomi and Redmi began to run out quickly

The phone continues to warm up and run out quickly, even after a full reflash. Then let’s perform a tune-up of each element that affects battery autonomy. Do not forget that the editorial office is not responsible for your actions! The instructions are provided for information purposes only.

Disabling widgets and visual effects

  1. Let’s start with the main screen. First of all, decrease the brightness of the display. We don’t need 100% backlighting. Set the standard factory theme, as third-party design significantly consumes the battery.
  2. If you are bored with the look of the desktop, replace the wallpaper. By the way, use regular ones, not live ones with additional visual effects. It will save 10-15% of the battery.
  3. Let’s move on to widgets. Remove the weather because you can easily see the forecast in your browser. Also, in the trash, we send the clock icon and blocks with notes (there is a special Google Notes app for them). The standard animation should replace beautiful flipping screens and opening folders.
  4. This also includes working with notifications. Always be on time to look through the curtain and sort messages. Emails constantly on the lock screen only waste power.
  5. You can decide for yourself which notifications you want to receive. To do this, go to Settings and click on the “Notifications” tab. Select the checkboxes of the applications that can send you messages.

With these simple actions, the battery will drain more slowly and your phone will stop getting hot.

Deactivate/optimize unnecessary apps and services

First, we recommend uninstalling the built-in system applications you don’t use. This includes Maps, Google Movies, Duo, etc. Unfortunately, clearing such programs from the phone is difficult, as you need to have root rights.

If you are not a Super User – do not get upset because the utilities are quite easy to deactivate. Open “Settings– “Applications”, and click on the specific program. Click “Stop”. A warning message will inform you that forcing the application to close may interfere with its functionality. Tap OK.

The same procedure shall be used for the geolocation services. GPS enabled actively consumes Xiaomi battery and leads to Android system freezes.

Do not leave Wi-Fi active if you do not plan to use it shortly. Also, the selected mobile network will save battery: 4G, 3G, or 2G (auto-detection is undesirable).

Turning off the synchronization of Google services and MIUI

Synchronization is important for users who want to access their content on any device. But in addition to the advantages, you will face an obvious disadvantage – the battery will drain much faster.

  1. Once again, go to Settings and visit the Accounts section.
  2. Click on “Google Account” tab and uncheck all the checkboxes against synchronization.
  3. Now click “Other Accounts” and tap the triple dot in the upper right corner. Here, deactivate the “Auto-sync data” option.

Note that if you lose your phone, you won’t be able to get your information back using cloud storage.

Banning automatic system and app updates

Automatic updates are a real problem for mobile devices with a weak batteries or small storage capacity. The smartphone is constantly downloading some files/enhancements, thus clogging the memory and consuming the battery.

  1. Go to “Update” and click on the triple dot with the advanced menu;
  2. Press “Settings”;
  3. Uncheck the “Automatically download further MIUI updates option.

The same procedure must be done with game and program updates. Click Google Play – Settings – Update automatically – Never.

Sometimes the cause of the fast discharge is an incorrectly working media server. To solve such a problem, disconnect the memory card and check it for errors through special utilities.

Useful Instructions

Finally, let’s look at a few useful instructions that will extend the battery life on the Android smartphone Xiaomi.

Correct calibration of the phone battery

This procedure is recommended to carry out strictly once a month:

  1. In the standard way, we charge the device to 100%;
  2. Disconnecting from the charge;
  3. Turn the device off and reconnect the charger. The green indicator light should light up, indicating that the device is charging;
  4. Disconnect from the power source again and turn it on. The operating system is loading. Power off.
  5. Put it on charge. After the green LED appears, wait a few minutes, disconnect and use the phone as usual.

How to enable power saving mode in MIUI

MIUI firmware has a proprietary charge-saving mode. Once activated, the system starts controlling the power consumption itself. Note that this feature automatically turns off when the charge level reaches 60%.

  1. Visit “Settings” and go to “Battery and Performance”;
  2. Click on “Power– “Power Saving”, and activate the checkbox.

You can also set up partial power saving by specifying only the apps you allow to run in the background.

Today we found out why the battery on the Xiaomi smartphone runs out quickly and how you can solve such a problem. As you can see, there are many methods, thanks to which the battery will last the user much longer. We wish you good luck!

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