How to Free Up Memory in Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud has become an integral part of comfortable work on Xiaomi phones. Users are used to the fact that all the information they need is always there, and important materials are automatically sent to the cloud. But sooner or later, the space runs out, so today we will talk about how to free up memory in Mi Cloud, whether you can expand the volume of the “cloud” and how.

What is Mi Cloud on Xiaomi

Mi Cloud is a proprietary cloud storage developed by Xiaomi for its phones. It is installed by default on the smartphones of this firm, but it cannot function without an activated Mi account. Mi Cloud is a worthy alternative to OneDrive and even Google Drive because of its extended functionality.

You can add photos, videos, contacts, and messages to the service without worrying about their safety. This is a huge advantage for mobile devices with little built-in and external memory. Also, in Mi Cloud are saved backups, which sometimes become the only salvation during improper manipulations with the device.

But the disadvantage is the small amount of allocated free space in the Cloud: only 5 GB. Previously, we were provided with 10, but the developers decided to cut this figure. Let’s now discuss how to delete unnecessary materials and expand the volume.

How to clear the memory in Mi Cloud through the phone

This is the easiest and most convenient option. Go to “Settings”, and look for “System apps”. Find Mi Cloud, where the information is located: data, backups, the amount of occupied, and free space.

We click on the tab with the memory, and then a kind of chart opens. Below are the materials stored in Mi Cloud. Click, for example, on the records of telephone conversations. A list appears where you tick the unnecessary files and delete them using the trash icon.

Do the same with the photos and backups. But if you don’t want to go to “Settings”, you can do the cleaning directly from “Gallery”. Open the system application(note that it is the system application, not a third-party gallery from Google Play) and look for the “Clouds” section. From there, we delete unnecessary videos, screenshots, snapshots, etc.

To go to Mi Cloud in just a few clicks, move it to the desktop by clicking on the appropriate icon in the application settings. You can also choose what kind of content you want to sync.

Do you often record conversations on the recorder? In that case, go into that app, open the list of recordings, click on “Cloud” again, and clear.

Clearing Mi Cloud through the browser

Also, a great method that allows for a deeper and more advanced cleanup. You need a Mi account and authorization if you want to clear space in the Cloud using a computer. To do this, enter the query “Mi cloud” in the search engine, and open the official English-language site.

Next, we are usually thrown into an orange window account, wherein the appropriate fields, enter your password, and log in. The next step: asking for confirmation by phone. To the phone number tied to the profile, we get an SMS with a code, pass the captcha check and log in.

You would be redirected to the cloud storage page if all the data were correct. On the blue background, we see all the items with the stored materials: Messages, Contacts, Gallery (photos and videos), Notes, Find device (find a lost mobile device), and Recordings.

Go to any section, look through the saved information, and delete unnecessary information. Remember that from time to time. Your smartphone needs to delete unnecessary content. Make backups, transfer them to your computer, and free up your phone for new content.

Via the mobile browser

Here the procedure is much easier if you’re logged into your account, and it’s on by default. Once again, go to “Settings”, open the window with the application, and under the tab “Memory” we see a small inscription Mi Cloud objects”.

An additional mini-menu pops up, prompting you to select the browser to open the tab. Click, for example, Chrome, and you get to the cloud storage itself. Now we look through the materials more thoroughly and remove the unnecessary ones.

Increasing memory in Mi Cloud

The amount of space in the cloud storage can be quite easily expanded by paying for this service with either real money or Mi credits. There are three extended packages to choose from: Plus gives you 20 gigabytes, Mega gives you 100 GB, and Ultra gives you 1024 GB. The validity period is 1 year. After that, you will have to pay again.

To connect the package, go to Mi Cloud, click on the chart of free space located at the very top of the window, and click on the blue square “Get more storage”. After selecting the service, click “Buy now” – “OK”. At the end of the operation, confirm the purchase using the orange button with hieroglyphs.

How to get Mi credits for free

To do this, participate in discussions on the Xiaomi forum, and spend as much time as possible there. Create new topics, and polls, help users solve problems with their devices, and earn prestige. This is the only free way to expand your volume in the Cloud.


What is syncing in Mi Cloud?

Syncing is saving data in secure cloud storage. For example, a picture you take will automatically be sent to Mi Cloud, and if you accidentally delete it from Gallery, you won’t lose it. Synchronization can be turned on or off in Settings.

How many Mi credits do I need to buy the Plus package?

49 credits for Mega – 99 Mi, for Ultra – 499.

How do I expand space service for real money?

To do this, purchase Mi-Credits by paying for them with the Mi Pay service.

As you can see, freeing up memory in Mi Cloud is quite easy. To do this, there are a large number of proven and reliable ways. Need to delete your Mi account? Use our article, then.

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