How to Enable Call Recording on Xiaomi

In recent versions of Android, Google has removed the ability to record phone conversations. But in various firmwares, this option remained, and MIUI is no exception. But how to enable call recording on Xiaomi, what is required for this, and what methods exist? Let’s talk about that in this article.

Built-in feature in MIUI

The MIUI shell, on which the Android operating system runs, allows all Xiaomi devices to record conversations, regardless of the model. The recording is usually of high quality, with no interference, echoes, crackles, and “splitting” of voice. It is saved in the familiar mp3 format.

You can listen to recorded conversations on any device, from your phone to your TV. This function is a must for people who work with clients and have a large telephone database.

Agree, quite difficult to grasp at once, for example, all the nuances of the order and make useful notes. With call recording such problems are immediately forgotten.

Recording a conversation on the new phones Xiaomi and Redmi

All Xiaomi phones were released in the second half of 2019 and received a call recorder from Google. Past models had MIUI services that allowed you to record a phone call and edit that option in Settings. But Google’s policy prohibits recording calls, which caused users to have a lot of problems.

The Redmi 8 lineup was the first to fall under this innovation, after the Mi Note 10 and Mi 10. In the future, all new smartphones will also be deprived of call recording.

The only way out of this situation is to install the Indonesian firmware, which has “Contacts”, “Messages” and “Calls” from MIUI. The phone will have to be completely reflashed. This is a complicated procedure; before you do it, ensure you have the technical knowledge and skills.

We are not responsible for what you have done and possible malfunctions, as the instruction is written for information purposes only!

  1. Make a backup copy of all important data.
  2. Unlock the bootloader.
  3. Download the Indonesian shell. You can download it from the XDA forum. Indonesian firmware is released mainly for Redmi Note
  4. Reflash the device through Fastboot with the path to the folder with the firmware ID. At the bottom, choose clean all. In no case, put “clean all and lock” on the Chinese version of the phone. Otherwise, you will get a brick.
  5. Switch the phone on after reflashing and check the “Call recording” function. It should appear.
  6. The bootloader can be locked back, but only on Global Version. Do not change the bootloader in China. Otherwise, the device will “brick”.

Recording conversations on old Xiaomi models

This method is the most acceptable because the operating system controls it, is characterized by correct operation, and does not require the installation of third-party applications. Most often, the recording function is disabled by default, and after purchasing the phone, you need to configure it yourself.

There is a one-time and a permanent recording. One-time recording records only a specific call, while permanent recording allows you to save all incoming/outgoing calls.

One-time recording

To do this during a call, we open the mini-menu and click “More”. Immediately we will see the “Record” function of the same name. Activate it with a click. That’s all, and it’s done. This conversation will be recorded, but the saving will not automatically occur during subsequent conversations.

Permanent recording

The procedure is a little more complicated than the above, but in general simple and fast, and it can be handled without errors by the user even with minimal technical knowledge. Here we go:

  1. Looking for “Calls” on the main screen, open the dialer.
  2. At the bottom of the window, notice the mini-menu and click on it. You will see three items “Autodialog IP”, “Blacklist” and “Settings”. We choose the last one.
  3. Now we see the “Recording Calls”. We find ourselves on a new menu. Activate the checkbox in front of “Automatic Recording”. You can also receive notifications if you want.

There are three modes:

  • Record absolutely all conversations;
  • Only certain contacts, which we choose from a created list;
  • Only conversations from unknown numbers.

Using third-party apps

If the built-in call recording methods don’t work, or the functionality of MIUI doesn’t cover your requirements – you can use third-party apps from Google Play. The choice of apps is quite large, and we will look at the most popular and convenient options.


A decent program that perfectly performs its main duty. You can choose the quality of the recording, the format of saving (available WAV or MP3), and the place of saving (phone memory/electronic Cloud). Unfortunately, there is no recorder. Another constant plus is the ability to add text notes to copies and expose passwords to avoid listening to recordings by undesirable people.


An excellent application, distinguished by its simplicity and comfort of use. The interface is user-friendly and uncomplicated. Even a novice can figure it out. The size of the utility is small and takes up minimal space on the internal memory. In addition, it does not discharge the phone, and the battery from it almost does not suffer. Automatic call recording is available, which is very convenient.

Automatic Call Recorder

A great application, the leader in positive reviews. Flexible settings that are very easy to adjust to your preferences, free basic functions, a nice design. If you want more functionality, you should install a paid version of the program, and then it will not be equal.

Where conversation files are stored

Copies of conversations can be found at the following address: MIUI/sound_recorder/call_rec. Or in the list of all the audio records on the phone. You can also use Mi Explorer or the standard Mi Music player to search for call files.


After performing a backup, the default recording enable has disappeared

Try using an alternative – third-party apps. Or ask a wizard to set up the standard way. Also, don’t forget to say that the problem is probably due to an incorrect backup.

Call recording not saved, what to do?

The reason might be the lack of free space. Clean the memory by deleting duplicate files, unnecessary applications, and garbage.

Can the other party know that I am recording a conversation?

No, it is not possible.

Although in the latest versions of Android 9 and above, the built-in recording of conversations is cut out – the MIUI shell is not an obstacle. Thus, we see that learning to record a phone call takes five minutes, requiring no complex operations. Now all the information you need will always be at your fingertips, ready to listen to at any time.

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