How to Turn On Flash on Xiaomi

Today’s Xiaomi phones have good light support, a great camera, and loud sound when making calls. But still, users want to improve the features with tools, one of which is flash. But how to turn on the flash on Xiaomi so that the pictures are of higher quality and to receive an incoming call even in silent mode is not difficult? In this article, let’s discuss two areas where artificial light is needed.

Turning on the flash when making a call

Sometimes there are situations in which you need to answer a call, but it is quite problematic to know about it. The most standard problem is a noisy, crowded room. For example, at a party when it is almost impossible to hear your ringtone because of loud music and people talking.

Vibration may not help, either. To recognize it, you must always hold the device in your hands. The only proper solution is a flash. Thanks to it, it is almost impossible to miss an important call.

  1. Looking for “Settings” on the main screen, go in.
  2. Now open “System Applications”.
  3. A new window opens. Look for “Calls” and click.
  4. We get to the phone settings, which allow you to change the options to your liking. We click on “Incoming Calls“.
  5. Look for the “Flash notifications” item, and turn it on.

Turning on the flash when taking pictures

Photography is quite complex, but the Xiaomi camera solves many problems. Of course, the quality of the photo depends on the model of the smartphone and its cost, except that even a great camera sometimes poorly photographs in a poorly lit room, not to mention the night darkness. There is a way out – turn on the extra light on your smartphone.

Let’s look at the benefits of pictures taken with a flash:

  • Clear outlines and good visibility at night. Very relevant for travelers who like to capture beautiful nature and architecture;
  • Absence of falling shadows and “noise” in the photo;
  • When it comes to selfies, soft and smooth facial features, adds more appeal to the appearance;
  • No need to use third-party flashlights that run out quickly or require batteries to work.

You won’t need “Settings” as in the above situation, but a live camera. Open the application of the same name, go to “Photo” mode, and find the icon with the image of energy in the top left corner.

Several modes open, from which you have to choose the one that suits you best:

  • Off – disables the flash.
  • Enable – turns on the flash every time you take a picture, regardless of the degree of light and time of day.
  • Auto – the camera determines by itself when the flash is needed.
  • Flashlight – Turns the flash into a flashlight. You can use it to illuminate objects in a dark room, for example, and simultaneously take photos with excellent light levels.


Does the flash work when shooting video?

Yes, but in Flash Mode.

Do photos taken with the flash weigh more?

It depends on the number and types of objects in the frame.

The phone fell on a hard surface, and now the flash does not work

If your device is not shockproof, the camera was damaged due to the fall. Unfortunately, you will unlikely be able to fix this problem at home. Contact a service center.

As you can see, the flash is the best helper in many situations.

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