How to Make a Backup on Xiaomi

Recently, the amount of information stored by users has increased many times over, and as a result, people have started to ask themselves how to free up space on their Android devices. There are many options, but in many, there is a risk of losing all your important data. Sometimes using outdated methods, such as transferring files to a computer, is impractical and inconvenient. That’s what creating a system backup is for. In this article, we will talk about how to make a backup on Xiaomi without problems quickly.

What is a backup?

A backup is a backup of materials that you need to keep safe. This can include absolutely everything:

  • apps;
  • documents;
  • photos;
  • folders;
  • archives, etc.

After the process is completed, the information will be packed into a specific archive, which will be available for subsequent data recovery.

How to make a full backup of Xiaomi phone data

Since Xiaomi series phones support a built-in copying function, you won’t need third-party apps for this procedure. Standard methods can also include:

  1. MIUI Backup – built-in information backup process.
  2. Google Backup – saving all account data.
  3. Mi PC Suite Backup – full backup via computer.

If your phone does not support backup or you need a third-party service, then special applications from Google play are relevant for such cases.

Via MIUI 13 and Mi Cloud

This is the easiest option that any Xiaomi user can do. The text instructions and screenshots are based on MIUI 12 Global Stable:

  1. Find the “Settings” icon on the desktop.
  2. Go to “Device“.
  3. Now select “Backup
  4. Choose the type of local backup: “Mobile device”, “Computer” or “USB drive”. Or click on the item “Xiaomi Cloud”, which is located slightly below.
  5. After selecting the right option – create a backup of your phone.
  6. The time to complete the backup depends on the number of selected apps and files. Note the system will warn you that some applications and files cannot be backed up or restored.

If you select Mi Cloud, you can set up automatic backup. This is handy if you need to store all your information on an external drive. But you have to remember that the Mi account only has 5 free gigabytes of storage.

Via Google account

Google is great for saving all your passwords, contacts, and settings, working as cloud storage.

For this server to help, you must again turn to “Settings” – “Restore and reset”, and check the box “Backup data”. In the menu “Backup Google” you need to enable data saving (backups through a Google account will be automatically created and moved to the cloud). This includes:

  • passwords from Wi-Fi networks;
  • call logs;
  • settings of certain applications;
  • application files.

You can also select the option to restore deleted applications’ data automatically. To make a full-fledged backup via Google, you need to select “Google Account” at the very bottom of the settings, and the backup menu will open. There you can see the already created backups or create a new one.

Via computer

This is a good option for those who are used to viewing their content on a PC and ensuring that it is safe.

Mi PC Suite

We will need a special program from Xiaomi, namely Mi PC Suite. It is enough to download this application from the official website, install it, connect your smartphone, and select the information you need again. You can find the real copies already on your computer disk.


Another similar application is Xender. It is freely available on Google Play. Please open it; we are given several ways to transfer the data to the PC. You can transfer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi via a “wave” modem. The easiest way is to connect to the PC using a link. FTP access Type the recommended one in the search line, take a picture of the code, and get similar materials on your monitor screen, where you can either view them or save them for yourself.

Via Titanium Backup

If none of the above methods are satisfactory, you can resort to apps. A good option is Titanium Backup, which is very popular in foreign countries. The application is easy enough to customize to all user requirements. It also provides many types of backups, just like Xender.

In some cases, root rights may be required. To set up data saving with this app, it is better to watch the video instruction.

Through TWRP Recovery

Another interesting option, which is carried out without too much time and special skills – Is recovery. It backs up everything at, from files to the system. But the stock Mi Recovery does not support it. It is necessary to install the custom recovery.

The instructions are very simple and performed in a few steps:

  1. Turn off the device. Press the “Off” button and the volume rocker “Up”. Hold it until vibration.
  2. We enter the special mode and press “Backup“. There is a process for saving data.
  3. Done.

As you can see, by creating a backup on your phone Xiaomi – you can save all important information and not be afraid that it accidentally deleted.

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