A “brick ” is primarily a building material. Still, in the mobile world, this term refers to a smartphone or tablet that has lost its functionality due to a system failure or improper actions by the user. It’s pretty easy to tell when a phone has become a “brick.” First, the device most likely does not turn on. Secondly, there is no reaction to pressing the mechanical buttons. And thirdly, the operating system can’t start up in any way.

The question arises: why does the device turn into a “brick”? Here it all depends on the actions performed by the user. The smartphone often stops responding to any presses after independent and incorrect firmware. One small mistake can lead to the complete failure of the smartphone. Also, you can not rule out a failure during a firmware or operating system update “over the air”. If suddenly the battery charge is not enough and the phone shuts down, then in the future, there is a chance that it won’t start at all.

And the rarest reason, because the device can turn into a “brick”, is a system failure. Errors that can completely disable the phone are very rare. If we touch malware, it can’t break your smartphone.

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