A font is a graphic design consisting of symbols. Letters and characters form a unified compositional and stylistic system. Such a drawing includes symbols of a certain size and design.

On modern smartphones, the choice of fonts is quite wide. Each user can choose the style of characters of his gadget’s interface through the usual settings. By default, phones usually have only the size of the characters on the screen. As for their appearance, it is possible to customize them with the help of third-party applications.

In today’s world, there are fonts with serifs and without. Serifs are small dashes that complete each element of a character. They are commonly used for text on paper. As for screen fonts, they are better perceived without serifs. It does not make the organs of vision strain much, and one can read the text much longer without feeling discomfort and pain.

The updated font adds uniqueness to the smartphone and makes using the device more comfortable and pleasant. The most common style of characters is Antiqua – a font “under the antique”. However, some owners of mobile gadgets prefer gothic, neo-grotesque, etc.

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